KaneTheDrifter AKA Youssefmbz, Swain (again)

I’d recommend not dealing with swain. There are back channel discussions regarding this matter.


It sounds like one variation of a possible scam is to get a scammed buyer to pay another scammed seller? @rockstar who was your payment from (just first name and initial to preserve privacy)?

My payment was also sent to Allen a. on August 27.

I rec’d my PP funds from Leon J. but pymt was cancelled on the 13th…then the next PP was from Amine J. on 09/14/18…that’s why I shipped guys…I will let you know…but, it sounds like you guy’s waiting for merchandise are way ahead of me & my timeline w/Swain?

Wait… he cancelled the payment he sent to you after you sent the yoyos!!!

Anyone who has a deal with swain that hasn’t received the goods should probably be going back to paypal and filing a complaint. We have verifiable evidence that this guy is the professional scammer know as kanethedrifter, Youssefmbz, AdrianYo, Zinoviy, WaxNife, all of whom have been previously banned. Guy keeps coming back.


Thanks for this, I’ll start the refund process asap.

Damn, im out 250, every one please be careful when using friends and family through PayPal.

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Ouch, I’m really sorry to hear that.

Since I didn’t know him, I used goods and services, so hopefully I can recover. Unless I know someone, I always use g&s.


To anyone saying I’m a scammer,
Most of the payments I have received were sent as G&S so if you think you got tricked feel free to open a dispute.

As for @rockstar he sent me a wrong email adress, to which I had sent the money, but then it appeared there was some error so I have sent it over again to him, and he confirmed that and shipped afterwards.

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I’m not saying you’re a scammer, but it would ease my mind a lot if you could please provide some proof of shipment. I know that international shipping takes time. I have asked three times now in private and thus far have seen no proof of shipment, which is why I have initiated a refund request in PP.

Your friend (who owns the PP account) seems clueless as to what is going on based on his response to my refund request in PP.

Again, I’m not saying you’re a scammer, but it doesn’t look good and it doesn’t feel good being on the end of this deal.

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Very well put, I agree.

I sure hope you guys can give Swain a chance…he paid me 1st and has followed thru on every move I’d expect him/her to make in an Int’i deal…
Is there anyway a person can turn their feedback around and start completing their deals in the Forum B/S/T?
After several deals are complete of course…? His trust should rise again after he has completed more deals,
It sounds like people are taking refunds instead of waiting…oh well, can’t blame them.

I’m only skeptical because purchasing from another seller is straightforward and is not enough to show someone is a credible seller. It shows that they paid for a product and that’s about it. I also have questions like – are they using money they got from people like me who bought an item from them?

Also, how long should a person wait? I have asked for proof of shipment three times. I have been told that they have this information, and yet, I have not seen it. I purchased the item on Aug 27 and it was shipped 2 days later according to DMs.

For me, he/she needs people who have bought FROM him/her who can attest that they received what they paid for. This coupled with some proof that what I bought was actually shipped on the date they said it was (in DMs) would give me peace of mind.

Lastly, I initiated a refund request in PayPal and the person (Allen A) wrote back and acted sort of clueless as to what was going on beyond that they were getting some money for their friend for something the friend sold.

It’s just raising too many questions for me, and Swain is not helping to answer any of the questions.

I hope you all use “Goods and Services” when you are buying from someone you don’t absolutely trust. I sold some things here and people (kindly so) used Friends and Family, but I would still urge you to use G&S unless you’re certain.


I’m personally glad you are responding, and I hope this works out. I’d rather see you as a contributing member of the community if possible, since I think you honestly love yo-yos.

Where does swain live? This is an international deal? What country is swain in?

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The IP tracks to the southern Mediterranean coast. Of course it could be spoofed.

I would say without a doubt that this is the scammer, yet again.


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If someone cannot provide proof of shipment I think one should open up a Paypal claim straight away. It is the most basic and obvious proof that a seller should provide.

I did a few days ago – will keep you all up to date on the outcome. I am still awaiting response from the other party and from Swain in DMs. Still no proof of shipment though despite repeatedly asking.

@Swain , if you’re reading, this really should have been resolved a long time ago when I initially asked for some proof of shipment. I know you mentioned that your carrier does not have tracking, but some sort of receipt with ship date would have gone a long way a long time ago.