Don't deal with Masonmc23

Been over two weeks since he supposedly shipped. Got no tracking. Have yet to receive anything. Found out he lied about when he shipped. Still no tracking from that day. Stopped replying to messages. Supposedly shipped first class instead of priority. Overall. Just a lot of finishiness. Avoid if at all possible.

It looks like he has a history of shipping slow, according to his feedback, but he ultimately delivered. He may have gotten caught up in holiday stuff this week. Let’s hope for the best.

I’ve been crossing my fingers for awhile now. Kinda starting to lose hope…

DId u ship or pay ?

Traded. He has my throw. And it’s passed through two other people since him I believe.

Oh man if he has the time to pass it on and ship it to another person but not get back to you then that’s a problem. Good luck, man! :-[ :-[

I’m feeling like it’s getting pretty safe to call thief right about now

Hmmm, not looking good for the Gn YoYo Co., huh!!

I don’t get what this has to do with GN Yoyo Co at all.

But, about Mason, I made a deal with him and I sent him my Aviator and he sent me his Benchmark V. He did lie about shipping twice, gave me no tracking, and stopped replying to my messages, but after he did ship, he didn’t tell me he’d done it. But, it did (about two weeks later) arrive and it was well-packaged, described perfectly, and played perfectly. He’s only 12 so I can see that he is not as mature as we all want him to be, but we were all like him once. I say just wait and give him some time. One of these days, it’s going to show up at your house without you even knowing what it is other than the fact that it is addressed to you, but it works.
If you want some inside help on this, contact Its_Steve, he lives down the road from Mason and they talk to each other a lot. Contacting can give you info on the status of it. I did that a couple of times.

Good luck

Ok Guys this has nothing to do with Gn Yoyo Co we have been doing good and i dont want any of this to ruin the company its just we have a problem with the member. Gn Yoyo Co is still heading in a good direction

Sure it does. He claims to be the founder. :wink:

well he wont anymore we willl talk to him

^ I would give that a “thank you,” if it was possible. He has bumped his BST, since this thread. If he is looking to trade more before making good on the trade owed, it’s not cool.

So i just talked to him and he swore to god that he sent it a day before christmas?

I know you’re saying good things about us, but let’s just leave us out of this. Thanks :smiley:

I hope he knows just how powerful the person he is swearing to is :smiley:

Lesson learned: Use tracking!!!

He told me he shipped it like the 17th or 18th. Then claimed his mom threw away the tracking.
About a week later he said he’d actually shipped it. After lying about when it went out wouldnt you ship it at least priority to mak up for lost time? I’ve received about 4 other packages throughout this time. Some priority. Some standard first class and still nothing from mason. I stand by the fact that if you’re going to be this shady and unreliable then you probably shouldn’t be making deals on the Internet. Especially seeing that my spectrum that I traded him has made it to about 3 other owners in this time and is currently getting ready to transfer hands again via Facebook.

He Did ship the Gnarwhal i was at the post office when he did maybe he shipped to wrong adress but i saw him ship which is weird?

Maybe so. But if that’s the case then it’s still on him that it’s gone. I triple check that my address is right every time I send it for somebody. And he’s still MIA on me. Havent heard from him in a good while.

It’s amazing how people only seem to lose the tracking when packages don’t show up