Yoyoz_R_Life is a scammer

It sucks to have to post a bad review of someone so early into my time being here, but I guess that it has to be done to protect everyone else on the BST. so, Yoyoz_R_Life and me came to an agreement, but I couldn’t pay him the full amount then and there, so I said “I’ll give you 90 now, and the 10 I owe you later.” He said that works for him. I PayPal him the 90$, he said he’d ship it. Then, around 2 days later, he PM’s me saying that the shipping was 35$ Instead of the 20 he thought it was, and that he needed me to pay him the difference. All of this is fine, it’s here that things go offside. Because 35$ for the “cheapest shipping” for 2 yoyos to Canada from the US sounded completely ridiculous to me, I asked him where he was getting this information from. He sends me this link: https://postcalc.usps.com/Calculator/MailServices?country=10440&ccode=AE&omil=False&dmil=False&mdt=2%2F17%2F2018&mdz=18%3A29&m=12&dvi=80
see the problem? He tried to charge me the rate to ship to Abu Dhabi. somehow. I mention this, and he says: “oh, well it’s still 25$ to ship to Canada, so you still would owe me 40$.” “Wait. Where did you get 40$ from?” “Well, because of PayPal fees and taxes, and because you haven’t payed any shipping yet, It all comes to another 40$ on top of the 90$ youve already payed.” So, after we agreed on how much I was paying for the package, shipping included, he tried to charge me the Abu Dhabi shipping rates, then tried to make me pay extra money for things we had never discussed AFTER we had already come to an agreement, and even flat out lied about some things, like never saying that the price discussed included shipping. Well, of course it did, otherwise I wouldn’t have payed you anything yet. Now, all of this being said, he DID have real photos of the yoyos I wanted to buy, and he DID sound genuine in all of his responses, so I don’t think that he was intentionally trying to scam me, but something was seriously not right. My recommendation Is don’t try to buy from this guy if possible, you probably won’t get scammed out of a yoyo or some money, but you will get scammed out of a lot of time and patience.

UPDATE: he is now refusing to refund me because I posted this review of him. Now I’m not sure, but as soon as someone refuses to refund you money on a purchase that never went through, they are considered a scammer, right?

Also, because this is a review and not a rant, i try to be as unbiased as possible in my review, but if you think that i made an offside comment or said something unnecessary or hurtful, please send me a PM about it and I will try to fix it. I’m not trying to blow off steam or ruin this guys day, I’m posting this because I want everyone else on the BST to feel safe and be able to trust in one another, like everyone should be able to when money and prized possessions are on the line.

If you paid with paypal, my advice is to immediately open a dispute and ask for a refund of the amount, explaining the situation.

That same guy was blowing up my messages on a trade. I got a weird vibe so i never made a deal.

Thanks for the warning.

Quick question… when you paid with paypal, did you “pay for goods and services” or did you send money as a gift vis “friends and family”?

I payed for goods and services, so I’ve already opened up a PayPal case and am just waiting for the 20 day after purchase mark to pass so I can escalate it.

This part sounds really strange to me… ???

Yoyoz_R_Life is the same as Jacob Shelton/SKITZUSA.

Vegabomb figured it out.

Well, there you go. Guy doesn’t quit.

He messaged me saying his name is Doug and had a fake email haha this guy sucks at life

Yeah he blew up my inbox as well. After awhile I ended up telling him to &*%$ himself (he accused me of being “suspicious” because I wouldn’t give him my email… classic projection).

I thought the likelyhood of this guy being a scammer was pretty high given how ridiculous his BST thread was.

Wouldn’t have called it exactly ‘transparent’.