Im in a bit of a bind..

Well if yall know me im a very honest and innocent person. And crap just keeps happening to me over and over lol. Anyways to make a story short, a friend of mine here on yye that goes by yoyolunatic i think know his smart mouth. He calls me one day and tells me, “oh man i got this amazing sell, but i need your help because i dont have paypal”. Anyways pretty much he is selling 2 yoyos for $70.00. So he asks if I can send the invoice to the receiver which idk the name of. So i send the invoice for $70.00, get that in my paypal account, then give the funds to yoyolunatic so he can send his yoyos. He tells me he sent the yoyos and Everything was great for about 3 weeks.

Then out of the blue i get a email from PayPal saying the guy that sent me the $70.00 is reporting me for FRAUD! So i research a little bit into this, well he “claims” that he never got the yoyos, and yoyolunatic “claims” that he sent them. So i was like well just give me the tracking number and receipt and ill email showing it was sent, well Magically they were lost. So i told him well I helped YOU out and did YOU a favor, now Im the one getting screwed over for this. SO i email the guy telling him, i have noting to do with the shipping, pretty much i got the money and gave it to him same day.

So i spend the next few days dealing with paypal, and they put me on the spot saying I have 2 options, i need hard proof that goods were shipped out and i need a receipt or proof that the customer has the goods. Honestly IDK what to believe. I mean as far as yoyolunatic, ive done a bunch of business with him and he has always been honest and a quick shipper. All that i know is i helped some one out, and im the one that gets screwed over in the end, and I cannot do a darn thing about it.

If you can trust “yoyolunatic” then it’s pretty obvious that it is the other guys fault.

And plus, it does not take over 3 weeks to ship yoyo’s unless your shipping it to another country. If I am reading your story correctly it is obviously the other guys fault because, after 3 weeks, of course things will be lost because it was done with. The guy he sold yoyo’s too, is probably scamming him, because he would let you know whats happening instead of automatically reporting you for fraud.

yes and there isnt a DARN thing i can do about it.

To me it sounds like, if you can trust yourself and yoyolunatic, that it’s either the other guy’s fault and he’s scamming you, or it was a problem with the shipping. I really hope you can prove this, and am really sorry if you can’t. What was the guy’s reply? What kind of person does he seem like? (even though scammers can be deceptive)

I would notify paypal immediately of this, though, and see if they can help. the sooner the better.

Can you trust yoyolunatic?
After the horrible trading experience I had with him that contained lies and a terrible long wait, I wouldn’t trust him


hey ask yoyolunatic if he has a reciept or somthing for the shippment

Did you not read the OP?

should be quad face hoof…

anyways. tell your freind he a: gives you the money to pay for the damages… or b:tell him he better fix it

i mean honestly idk who to believe, but it doesn’t matter anyways because yoyolunatic says he doesnt have the receipt, because this was over a month ago, idk. he seems shady also. As far as the other guy he says he doesn’t remember his name he says which i think is BS. As far as the guy that says he hasnt gotten the yoyos, idk him. i have his email, and i emailed him but no reply yet. As far as contacting PayPal they say that IM in the wrong, because in their eyes he sent me the money and i diddnt send the yoyos. But i told PayPal, i had nothing to do with shipping, and i keep telling them there is no way that i can proove it was shipped, so they went in the buyers favor. and there is nothing i can do. Pretty much some one is lying and there is nothing i can do at all.

I cant tell anyone to do anything. He is in NY and im in Vegas, so i cant make him do a darn thing.

You could always hook yoyolunatic up to a lie detector…