is anglam cc worth getting?


Or should I get code 1?


Depends on what you like in a yoyo, what you already have and how much cash you’ve got to throw around. It’s a good yoyo but whether it’s worth it really depends.



If you can comfortably spend that much money, I say, “Why Not?”


The unknown metal thing seems kinda fishy.


I really like the Code 1 and it’s a really good price


You can check out the reviews and up until the draupnir came out the CC seemed like the go to throw for many

(Rock Shouse) #7

Buy the cheaper throw today…you’ll thank me later…


Draupnir/Laser > Anglam CC.


Thanks Drake.


Or get a Turning Point Isotope 2. That’s what I’d get in your situation unless you can find a Draupnir. You can still find Lasers and the Isotope 2 but just barely. I have a Draupnir and Laser and some other high end Japanese throws and the Draupnir and Yoyomonster Agonist are my favorites. Laser is great but it’s not as good for 1A as these other yoyos I mentioned.


It’s not an unknown metal


I have an Anglam CC and a Draupnir. I prefer the anglam, but to each their own. I would def. take the Anglam over a Code 1 if you can afford it.


What is it?


idk if im allowed to say >.< but its a common metal


On a scale of 1(least common) to 10(most common), how common is the metal?




Is it weapons grade plutonium? XD



I bet its just aluminum, but they wanted to justify the $200 price.


Take the ring off and weigh it.


I’m guessing it’s either…

7075 Aluminium