Anglam CC or Anglam 7075 or Isotope?

Debating between purchasing one of these higher-end throws. I used to own an Anglam, and while I thought it was very nice, it really didn’t impress me all that much considering the price tag. Just curious if the CC or 7075 is better, in your opinion. I’d also be curious to hear opinions on the TP Isotope and SP Shneider.

well i have heard from some people that they preffered the CC over the 7075 considering the 80 dollars price difference, i hadn’t heard much about the isotope but turning point makes awesome yoyos so i wouldn’t expect it to be less than wonderful, also if you want check out the leviathan 4B that yoyo is a performance beast.

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Own a leviathan 1 and threw a 4b

It’s really an amazing yoyo

Actually thinking about picking up 1 of the purple leviathan 4’s myself

I’ve also owned an Angle and thrown an anglam and would personally choose the turning point

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Thanks for the advice. I wonder if the Isotope would also play as well as the leviathan 4… I prefer the larger diameter on the isotope. I did notice that the lev4 is made from 7075, where as that isn’t mentioned on the Isotope.

Stickman, who probably has the best Anglam collection anywhere, says even blindfolded with his wife handing him the yoyos he couldn’t tell any appreciable difference between the Anglam and Anglam 7075. The CC definitely intrigues me though and i’d buy one if the colors were a bit better, like that emerald green Anglam which is just perfect. Also keep in mind Anglams aren’t discounted on that other site if that’s part of your thinking. I really wish i’d grabbed an Elan Steampunk when they were in stock. A lighter, less expensive Schneider without the stickers, absolutely perfect sounding. I assume you already have a Draupnir? If not i’d say disregard everything else until you do.

Have you considered the positron 2 as well or are you looking specifically for a bimetal?

Yeah, I noticed they didn’t discount the Anglams… I would have picked one up for sure. Yes, kicking myself for not picking up an Elan Steampunk as well… I’m still waiting for the ano Draupnir, but I am getting impatient and have almost pulled the trigger several times on the tempered rim version! I agree, that is definitely on the top of my list!

Yes, also considering the Positron 2. The price on that other site is almost too good to pass up! Have you had a chance to try it?

I threw pauls positron 2 at nats and for the minute I got to throw it I enjoyed it

so what what are you going for, the 7075? i also am looking for a high end throw, ive been out of the game for so long i havent even threw any thing newer than my cold fusion black and gold from middlle school, im getting anxious to try these new ones as they look alot more comfortable. They look like they wouldnt hurt the hand as much the old schools.

It still hurts if you smack yourself but it happens a lot less often with unresponsive throws. Keep in mind you’ll have to learn how to do a bind return. Another throw that’s come onto the scene since this thread is the draupnir if I remember correctly and I think should be considered as well.

I’d personally choose between a CC and the draupnir because then you’re going with either a lighter or a heavier throw. Both are great choices though and very popular.

I’ve never seen a 7075 Anglam. Or even heard of one…

Someone enlighten me?

The body of the yoyo uses 7075 aluminum instead of the normal 6061 which slightly increases durability but it’s barely noticeable. 7075 tends to have a higher gloss ano and these ones are marked 7075 by having an engraving on one half that lets you know. Their specs are exactly the same though.

Where does one get one of these?

Also how are the specs the same if 7075 is denser…

they probably made the rim slightly thinner to compensate for the 7075 metal

That’s exactly what I was thinking

First result on Google for “7075 Anglam”…

They tweaked the specs just slightly.

lol… looks like that clears it up

I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with any of them. I have the Anglam CC, and have been playing my Equilateral for a while. I then pick up my ACC, and gosh its great. Check out my review if you want. So, as far as Anglams go, I’d say if you want to spend extra get the 7075, and if not get the CC. Onto the Isotope, have you looked at the Leviathan 4? I’m sure they both play great, and perhaps you might like the Leviathan 4 Light. Onto the SP Shneider, I haven’t seen any reviews, but to me it seems as though it plays heavy on the string and plays quite solid, as the rims combined weigh 40g. So, I’d imagine it would be extremely stable. Anyway, when you’re looking at this price point of yoyos it’s hard to go wrong with any of your choices. I would also suggest looking at the Draupnir. Hope this helped!