Which anglam?

which version of the anglam plays the closest to the angle?

Really enjoyed my angle and feel like trying one of their higher up yoyos.


i can’t speak from experience, but i can help out:

if you didn’t read that review, do it, it compares the two…you’ll be able to decide on your own

already read it but it has no mention of the 7075 anglam

CC is my favorite.

Can you say why that is your preference? I am considering both. After reading the article, it would seem my preference would be slightly to the side of the Anglam (not the CC).

But I’m still gathering info and would love to hear your thoughts.

Stickman, who owns something like 10 Anglams of various versions, says he performed a fairly extensive blindfolded test between the 7075 Anglam and standard version and couldn’t tell a difference between them.

LOL. Then why own ten. Can’t even tell the difference.

I’m sure if he took the blindfold off he could tell the difference. That may be part of why he got 10 of them.

Because I can… :smiley: Isn’t Capitalism great !!!

I would say that the Anglam CC will give you a bit more of the Angle feel, although the Angle is clearly such a smaller YoYo that it’s kind of useless to try and replicate the same feeling with a full sized YoYo.

I’m a huge fan of the Angle as well, and can only tell you that after throwing one, and then picking up an Anglam CC, it just feels like a natural progression to me. The regular Anglam has such a unique feel to it, that I would not compare it to the Angle at all…Though the folks at sOMEThING certainly do.

Go with the Anglam CC I would say.

The CC has a larger, lighter feeling on the string than the original in my opinion. I would say the original plays faster, and maybe a little bit more precise. They are both great, but the CC gave me a “feeling” that I like better and fits my play preference. Hope that helps!

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It does, thanks.