Has anyone tried the old anglam 7075, anglam 2, and the anglam one remastered? Which of these do you prefer and why? Or are the differences minuscule? I really want an anglam, so please don’t recommend anything else.



I believe I’ve tried an anglem 2. What I remember about it was the solid, dependable feel. It was good for horizontal, basically a good allrounder throw. Are you looking for a lighter or heavier yoyo? The anglam cc is 67 grams compared with 65 grams for the anglam 2.


I’m looking for a lighter yoyo. Actually I already have the cc and I really like it. I like the shape so that’s why I want another anglam. Thanks for the reply!


The Anglam CC 2017 Version (blackout edition on our page) might be a good choice. It has an outer weight ring placement and slightly tweaked shape that makes it feel different in play while keeping the same general shape you like from the original.


Thanks for the input!