So I’m more and more eager to try an anglam each and every day. I’m looking atit and reading about it and considering it a little more every day. But, I don’t know if it’s worth $300… That would take a while to save up :stuck_out_tongue:

So… Is it worth it? I love a fast and stable yoyo that is great at horizontal(I’m not that great but it’s fun and I’m working on it), and it just seems like a perfect match for me, but I don’t know if it’s worth months worth of money saved up :stuck_out_tongue: I do have a phenom and I love it, and I think the Anglam takes it to the next level, but I’m not sure. Is it faster? More stable? Better at horizontal? Longer sleep times? The phenom is fast and has a long sleep time, I’m very happy with that. It’s stable, but could be improved. Same for horizontal. Is the anglam as fast as a phenom? As stable and long sleeping as a Chief? Is it worth $300?


From what I heard its amazing. If I were you I would go for the CC edition it’s only $210


There is one in the b/s/t. Seller had 2 of them. I bought the pink one. Red and blue one left. $185 last I looked. Seems like a great price.


I like the CC Version better, but both are amazing. It’s a shame not alot of people have one, the high price tag drives’em away. GET IT! If you don’t like it, give it to me :stuck_out_tongue:


I need to get that much first :stuck_out_tongue: I have $80 as of now and slowly going up…


I’ve never played one, but personally I’d rather find a full titanium yoyo for that price tag or cheaper, especially through the b/s/t


Can anyone compare it tothe phenom?


I’d like to find both. :wink:


$300? They should be around $220 for the standard and $175 for the CC. Gotta shop around. I found mine a touch heavier than i prefer and ended up selling it, just make sure you like the specs.


Ahhh, i wish there was a yoyo lending library :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone want to let me borrow their anglam for a week or two for $20? :smiley:


I luv it. But a bit overpriced. get the CC edition


The CC during the July 4th sale was just $168. I picked that up, and a Ti ring anglam from the B/S/T for $175. Now I can see which one I prefer, at fairly reasonable prices.