Something Anglam CC review

Well I said it was coming so here it is. I would really appreciate constructive criticism. I haven’t seen any reviews on this yoyo, so I decided to make one myself. Sorry, there are no photos, but I got this yoyo in royal blue with gold rims.

Description (taken from Yoyoexpert):
The ANGLAM CC is the new signature edition produced together under Hiroyuki Suzuki’s brand sOMEThING and their new team member the amazing Christopher Chia. Christopher took the ANGLAM to a new level by modifying the overall shape and changing the weight distribution to increase playability.

ANGLAM CC is a mid sized 6061 aluminum yo-yo that fits wonderfully in the hand and just feels like a perfect. Christopher took the ANGLAM to a new level by modifying the overall shape and changing the weight distribution to increase playability. With an all new weight ring system made from a secret heavy metal that not only makes the yoyo cheaper in price but doesn’t lose any play in the process.

ANGLAM CC is equipped with a large CBC Center Trac Bearing and 19mm slim pads for tight binds. Features ANGLAM logo engraved on both sides as well as Christopher Chia’s signature right below it.

Specs (taken from Yoyoexpert):
Diameter: 56.20 mm / 2.21 inches
Width: 43.10 mm / 1.69 inches
Gap Width: 4.25 mm / .16 inches
Weight: 67.1 grams
Bearing Size: Size C Center Trac (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: 19 mm Slim Pad
Also Compatible W/ CBC or K-Pad

First Impressions:
I really liked the box that it came in. I took the yoyo out of the box and took the cardboard off it. Gosh, I really liked the blue. It was nice and shiny and had a nice finish. The gold rims were stunning and they caught light. I put the string on and noticed it fit very comfortably in my hand. I really liked the shape of this yoyo and the size of it too. Also I was so excited to use this yoyo.

On a (good) throw:
One word describes how it plays. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Hold on, that was two words. Nonetheless, this thing spun forever, was super stable (and I mean really stable), could play at any speed (from Hiroyuki Suzuki fast to super slow) and I guess was kinda floaty and solid at the same time (similar to the Anglam but less floaty).

On a bad throw:
Yeah I guess this isn’t the most forgiving yoyo but it still holds angles really well. Also, if you don’t throw it hard enough it won’t spin for too long (but that’s a given). If you throw it at an angle, it will spin for a while and then spin out. Also it’s very vibey on an off centre throw.

String tricks:
This is more thANGreat. See what I did there! Get it; ANGlam, and than great. Yup I know you already did. Seriously this handle everything; whips, suicides, regenerations, crazy combos - you name it. Even after a big combo this yoyo is still spinning strong. And since it’s really stable it doesn’t tilt.

Horizontal play:
I can’t really do horizontal play but judging by the video on Yoyoexpert it looks like it would be great for it. Also, the shape is good for horizontal play too.

Bearing and response:
I really liked - wait hold on a sec, I’m saying that too often. OK then, I enjoyed using the stock bearing: it worked well and spun for a long time. The pads were very nice too; I had no slippy binds and they were consistent.

This yoyo can do all grinds easily and effortlessly for a few seconds, or even longer if you wanted to.
Sometimes it’s hard to thumb grind because the rims sometimes rub against your nail.

Pros and cons:

  1. Amazing for string tricks and combos and regens and slacks and whips and suicides and… you get the idea.
  2. Great for grinding
  3. Great for horizontal play
  4. Very stable
  5. Looks awesome no matter what colourway you buy
  6. Can play at any speed
  7. Fun to use
  8. Dead unresponsive out of the box
  9. Good pads and great KK bearing\
  10. It is overall just a total BOSS!!!
    Nothing really. But it is expensive.

I would definitely 100% absotively positilutely recommend buying this yoyo. just make sure you don’t bANG it on the ground. But seriously, if you can afford this yoyo I would definitely go ahead and buy it. I used this with Nylon 1.5 Kitty String. This is truly an astonishing and remarkable yoyo.

Any other words:
'Nuff said.

Nice Review!

Great review.

Second and third paragraph repeat the same sentence lol

Great review. How do you like kitty string 1.5 btw?

It’s really good for whips, suicides and slacks. I’ts quite soft and lasts for a long time. I really like it, but the only other strings I’ve tried are cotton strings.

Any idea what that “secret metal” is? Ive been wondering for awhile lol

I’m not too sure, but someone said that it has 7075 rings like the Berserker. But I could be wrong.

I do not think they are 7075. They would not be dense enough to make the difference you are describing in stability. My guess is Stainless Steel (CC?).

Anyone know for sure?

I believe the “CC” stands for “Christopher Chia.”

I have had this yoyo for a long time now and have bought tons of yoyos after it and still to date I think the horizontal on this throw is the best