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So, non-responsive is any yoyo that doesn’t come back with a tug. There is a special trick called a “bind” that lets you return it at exactly the time you intend it to. Most non-responsive yoyos have a butterfly shape, which means the edges are flared out to make it easier to land on the string for string tricks.

This is in contrast with a yoyo like the Duncan Imperial, which is responsive and has the “Imperial” shape. The “Butterfly” shape was named after the Duncan Butterfly.

With your budget, and since you’re shipping internationally, I’d recommend this one:

It’s a great non-responsive yo-yo and I’ve enjoyed mine a lot. It’s a great value for the price, and should last a very long time.


Perfect! That’s exactly the info I needed. Happy Christmas


money sucks as a teenager actually it dosen’t but getting it sucks

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True lmao

Hi Everyone,

My name is Caleb, I just turned 30 and just started throwing again after 12 year away from the hobby. I picked up a SF PLSTC and have been having lots of fun trying to learn unresponsive play. I was huge into the hobby back in the day but only ever played responsive. I had a Cold Fusion and would love to find a black YYF Confusion and try some of the old tricks.

I’m having a blast getting back into everything and so happy to find such a huge and active community!



Hi everyone,

my name is andy, I am from germany and new the the yoyo community. I am currently learning some tricks with the iyoyo iceberg -> I can handle the matrix and some binds so far <- not much but a start :).

Looking forward to talk to some folks about the throw and discuss topics.

PS.: Just ordered a ti-vayder -> can’t wait to get it.

Sorry for my bad english in advance…


Welcome back! and welcome to YoYoExpert guys!


Why hello!

Name’s Eric, I’m from California and I’m somewhat new to yo-yoing. I was into it for a little bit, then I dropped it after a little bit. I’m back now, starting fresh and trying things out again. I joined the forum so I could get a new recommendation so I can move on from my YYF One.



all good pops, us dads gotta stick together!


I’m Melissa, 32 years old. I am a beginner. My older brother tried to teach me back in the 90s when everyone had a yoyo…I was 7 and couldn’t get the hang of his unresponsive yoyo so I never really got into it like he did. I loved watching him do all the tricks that made me afraid of getting hit in the face lol.
I have found myself back into learning when a family member gave my 3&6 yr old sons one as a gift. However; it’s a blazing team vortex one (with a fox on it) and none of us know how to work it, lol. My husband can make it come back but not sleep, I can make it sleep but not come back, and my sons cant do either but the love the noise it makes.
I was lead here when I tried to research this yoyo to teach them but I cant find videos on this particular yoyo. And the written reviews I managed to find have conflicting info saying it is responsive where as others saying it isnt…then some reviews saying this yoyo brand they were given isnt good anyway…I find myself trying to play with it a lot so want to buy us all some beginner friendly yoyos that would still grow with us. I just have to research what yoyo would be the best fit for us, I think this would be a great place for me to do that.


There’s lots of great beginner yoyos. The best yoyos for beginners are the ones that come responsive but have an additional bearing that you can swap out when you’re ready. Some examples are the Recess First Base, the SF PLSTC, and the YYF Arrow Starter Kit.


Welcome to the forums!! :smiley:

If you’re just wanting to dabble around with this hobby and get your sons a couple of cheap yo-yos to toss around and maybe learn the basics…you can head to a nearby Target and pick some Duncan Butterfly XTs up…they’re actually pretty decent responsive yo-yos and they’ll only cost your $5 each! :smiley:

You’ll want to get the ones with the yellow butterfly logo on the packaging though, and not the ones with the metallic looking butterfly.
The ones with the yellow butterfly have just been updated and released by Duncan recently and are quite a bit better than the old ones with the metallic logo.

Get these ones:

Not these ones:


Thank you, I’ll look into those.
Our nearest target (and any store that isnt a walmart or dollar store) is 2hrs away in any direction so ordering online isnt a deal breaker. I’ll definitely look into each of those suggested yoyos!


Ah, I only suggested the Butterflies because they can be picked up in stores…but if you’re looking into making a purchase online…here’s another one to consider.
The YoYoFactory Whip. It’s a tiny bit smaller than the Butterfly XT, is responsive and more than enough to learn the basics with, is cheap, and is darn near indestructible! lol


Online is definitely going to give you the best options for the best prices in this hobby. The big box stores don’t really carry yoyos that are worth buying. Depending how serious you are looking to get, I personally recommend the Recess First Base for a great beginner yoyo. It is plastic, comes responsive out of box, has an extra bearing to make the yoyo unresponsive, and is only ~$20. This a great yoyo to grow with because as your skills advance, you can then change the yoyo to unresponsive and keep going.


@Mygoldendoe Also look at fools gold yeti if they still have them it’s a $5 plastic throw that is going to be 99.5% as good as the normal yeti. It is full unresponsive, but for $5 and the quality it’s at, it’s a ridiculous bargin (it’s how I got a friend a little into throwing).


Shoot I haven’t been active here that much. So I guess I’ll introduce myself now. Anyway, one of my friends was doing these cool tricks with his yoyos and I wanted to learn too. I have been throwing for a little over 5 months, starting unresponsive on the OD sugar glider. Almost instantly, I received a warm welcome from the community (I did not expect this at all) and have been learning ever since! Since my beginning, I’ve gotten an SK from a friend (he bought a teal one from yye, but got a teal/brown halfswap foe some reason, and messaged OD and they sent him a full teal one and let him keep the halfswap, which he gave to me) a kuntosh 5000qv, a rally, a windrunner 7068, (the rally and windrunner were given to me by @Astralis for doing a trick challenge from him) a cognition, a wedge, (not-so-secret-santa from @FrankieJR , thanks!) a PLSTC, (given to me by @sfyoyos because I was starting a club at school, which never got created because the teacher hosting it never replied to my emails even after reminding him at school multiple times. Now I teach people at school using it) and my favorite yoyo, a diffraction v2. I’m getting an MK1 Umbra and DANG 2 for christmas tomorrow. (Thanks @MarkD for adding the DANG 2 for no reason) I also won a 44graviti vulcan- thanks @44morgan ! I post tricks somewhat often on instagram and at the throwers discord. The hardest trick I’ve done so far (only hit it twice) is the reverse brent stole to rejection ninja vanish, but I’m trying to work on 1.5 and 2.0 hooks and other competition tricks because I’m planning on competing at VA states and Scales v3 online. I’m going to try to be more active around here, so expect to see more from me! (Even if it is just really bad trick circles)


Welcome @Legs09 :slight_smile:
By the way guys I chat with Legs daily and he is one cool kid that is a great asset to the community :slight_smile:


@Legs09 just might be the biggest MK1 fan out there. Every day he’s repping the green Diffraction 2. Really excited to see you here on YYE, buddy!