Hi Everyone!


Hi Everyone!

My name is Garrett and i’ve been working at YoYoExpert for a few years now (I may have met some of you at contests or talked to you on the phone). I’ve been yo-yoing for about 3 years so far and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite hobbies! (along with playing kendama ;D). My favorite thing about it is learning new tricks and trying all the different throws out there - I think I have probably thrown every yo-yo that has come through YoYoExpert since I started working here!

I look forward to meeting everyone and doing what I can to help out on the forums so if you have any questions about anything don’t hesitate to ask.



(G2 Jake) #2

Keep up the good work G!


Hi Garrett, I heard you would be on the forum more often. Nice to see you here, and perhaps I’ll see you this weekend too. :slight_smile:


Thanks! And yeah i’ll probably be at NER this weekend, should be fun!


Oh, hi. Nice to meet you.


Thanks, you too!



Welcome to the forums. =)

(LordCanti) #8

Waves hello


Hi back to you. I look forward to a good experience.

(Owen) #10

It’s spelled “Ojai”

The nerve.

Welcome Garret. I just wanted to give you a taste of the petty arguments that go on around here.


'sup Garrett, see you at NER!


Hey there!



Hiya! Enjoy the forums is guess?!?!? I don’t know.


You want an argument, Spnndleshanks? How about sending broken skillz through the mail?? Huh??? Yea, I said it!

Welcome, G-man :slight_smile: