hey everyone plz read!

Hey everyone i just wanted to introduce myself im josh im from montana its very boing here and i think im the only thrower in montana besides my bestfriend. I so I hope i make some new friends and hope I can learn from you guys and am sure you guys are very nice people ::slight_smile:

Hey! Welcome to yoyoexpert.com!
Glad to have newcomers here!

Yeah thanks well ive been yoyoing for about a month and a half and im in the very beginning of expert 1 give or take a few tricks

Welcome! I’m sure you will enjoy your stay here! YoYoExpert is a community of very tight knit players that share a wonderful passion for this hobby, so we hope you can contribute a lot here :slight_smile:

Welcome!! You have def. came to the right place!

Welcome! Enjoy your stay :slight_smile:

Oh, Welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

welcome to the yoyoing community.


Well everyone has said welcome so far so I figured ids make it a bit different.

                                  EMOCLEW 59GODJ! 

Look at that in a mirror if you can. Later.

Keep it spinning™

i have been yoyoing for two months and im on Expert So just with a little practice u will become a very skilled player. Welcome to yoyoexpert i assure u will love it here

How’d ya do it in that backward writting? ???

Not that hard just got to spell the word backwards. ton taht drah tsuj tog ot lleps eht drow sdrawkcab.

Keep it spinning™

Welcome to YoYoExpert! Enjoy yout time here!

P.S. Very clever Robert! :smiley:

but if you look in a mirror the E, C, L, G, D, J, 5, and 9 would be backwards.

I’m going to one up you Robert! :stuck_out_tongue:

59ƃopɾ ǝɯoɔןǝʍ


yes they would. I tried to see if i could find a way to turn the letter backwards but it didn’t happen. Later.

Keep it spinning™