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another old guy here, 55. i started right here almost a year ago. i have collected 25 ish very nice yoyos, i have learned a few dozen great tricks right here in the learning center. i have had excellent conversations with others on this forum. you have chosen wisely my friend. welcome and enjoy all there is of this great hobby. i’m yospeedracer on instagram if you want to check out some funny videos of my learning.


Hey!! Out here in Reno there are only 3 throwers I am aware of. We need to start a club or something


Hi, my name is david, I’m currently in 8th grade, and I’ve been yo yoing since 2016, but have never truly gotten into the depths of unresponsive yo yoing until mid-2017. I first learned how to throw/use a unresponsive yoyo, like the skyva, off of yotricks, but now i’m currently training for the PNWR comp.


Hey my name is lekung, been Yoyoing for a couple of months now. Started with a Duncan throw monkey but then found the dark magic. Don’t think i will ever go back! fav trick is chain reaction its kinda simple but i like it.


Hey everyone my name is Will I am a relatively new yo-yo player I have been at it for about 6 months I love CLYW and all they have to offer I also love great anod yo-yos so message me if you are willing to trade some sick anos.


So, I’m clearly not new here, but I haven’t really yoyo’d in like 5 or 6 years. For some reason though, I’m starting to get interested in coming back. I’m pretty out of the loop (pun kinda intended?) with what’s happened since I haven’t been paying attention to the yoyo community. I’ll probs drop a trick video in a few weeks as I start to start to get back in the groove. :slight_smile:


Bought a Duncan Butterfly at Christmas. Played a little and got the bug. I now own about 20 throws. :wink: My breakaway is still mostly wonky but I can do a little 4A too now. Having fun trying different tricks and throws. Seems like a great community.

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this is an awesome group. welcome


Hey everyone my name is Quentin or Q, just got here. I am still pretty new to the yo-yoing world and not great at tricks either! I’m 20 as of now and just starting my yoyo collection. I currently have an Illuminum Dream by yoyofactory and I just got my Iceberg a couple days ago. I’ve also been starting to get into different styles so I have 2 oracles, a yoyofactory flight offstring yoyo, and a counterweight. Excited to be a part of the community!


I’m looking for some facebook pages I can join, but just searching yoyo doesn’t really bring any up.

Looking for places to figure out some of the newb things. Also where perhaps someone is close to link up with.

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Greetings throwers! I’m 47 years old and I’ve been throwing and collecting yoyos for about 3 months. I first came to YYE for the tutorials. I then started lurking on this forum to learn more and I also became a customer. I’m happy to join this community and I look forward to growing in this amazing hobby/sport.


This a fabulous hobby to share with out kids and grandkids. Welcome!


why hello, im old. comparatively very old. Im ex-og duncan crew (when shirt color was how we knew hold old you were, grey for those who could buy beer and red for not… oddly enough i have both). Ohio native (have carried Mr brown from strip clubs ohio).

i recently have found my old yoyos, most of them are not players by todays standards…but will fill holes in your collections. they will all be for sale. as their sentimental value is all but gone.



Some of us are old and some of us are OLD. Where from in Ohio? Being an old Duncan Crew you would like fixed Axle February.


im 40, so pretty old. and im by youngstown, but used to go to club in hudson at the toy store. I have some old polished up apollos that would love fixed axle feb


I have some fond memories of Youngstown and those Apollos sound great.


Hello. I’m Justin. Started throwing ~2006 or so I think? Recently I’ve been getting back into it. I tried logging into my old stomping grounds and found them missing…so here I am!


Yep, they pulled the plug on that one in December 2017. Welcome aboard.


Hello I’m Jacob (25 yrs old) a decent thrower definitely a die hard Duncan supporter I use a Duncan torque with mods, strix and last but not least a Duncan origami also snake :snake: bite string tall and fat kitty :cat: string as well…
Really what happened is I remembered beginner tricks I learned at 12… but I’m just peaking In advanced throwing if anyone has hand starting methods I would be really happy to listen.:blush: hope to make some friends here.:slightly_smiling_face::smile: