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Hello, i’m Mauro, an italian 20yrs old male that’s just getting into yoyos.
I’ve purchased a Yoyo Factory ONE an i’ve been having a lot of fun in the past month.
Still getting the hang on a lot of tricks (spare time is hard to come by) but i really like the yoyo overall feel and sense of accomplishment when you finally manage to put that trick down.
I’m hoping to get to know other yoyoers (if it’s a word?) here and perhaps get some advice on some tricks or issues i may be running into in the near future ^^

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Hi, I’m Mark. I started to throw in the 90’s with a Yomega Firestorm Wing and skip ahead to a few years ago, my my (now) wife won a real cheap crappy yoyo in the fair, which reignited my interest when I couldn’t find my original yoyo.
I started out by buying a YYF DV888, then converted it to an unresponsive yoyo a year later. Present day, my collection has grown to about ten yoyos, and I’d love to meet fellow throwers online and hopefully in New York State, specifically in Buffalo, NY.


quick intro, got into the hobby back in 98 with a firestorm and played various yoyos for years. Life took over and I fell out of the game until 2012 when the hubstack thing was really growing. Got myself a few hubstacked throws but got bored with the novelty and fell out again until a few months ago. I’ve always dabbled in it from the beginning, frequently just carrying Da Bomb, FHZ or a Raider just for chill throwing. But boy has the hobby stepped it up!! Stuff you can get now for sub $50 is crazy!! Be nice to meet some other NY people. Southern Tier NY region.


My name is David. I’m 37 and I’ve been throwing for 8 months. I’m about halfway through Kamikaze and I’m semi-consistent with Kwyjibo. I’m hoping to start a yoyo themed YouTube channel in the near future.

I had spinal fusion surgery (T6-S1) in 2013 and I have chronic back pain. The 90s yoyo craze passed me by. At some point I had a Duncan Butterfly but I never tried any tricks. Several years later I started playing Terraria on PC and that put the OD Terrarian on my radar. At that time I thought they were charging way too much for a “simple toy.” Fast forward to last year and I had a short lived fidget spinner problem. After I realized that yoyos are like fidget spinners, except fun I bought a couple cheap plastics. Then I learned to bind and worked my way through Magicyoyo’s greatest hits. Now I’m 30 throws in and practicing for at least an hour a day.

I got a Terrarian for Christmas and I love it btw.


Good day!

My name is Steve, I live in Cornwall in the UK and I am 35.

First enjoyed playing with a yoyo in the late 90s when there was a bit of a craze for them over here, started with a Playmaxx Pro-Yo then got the Playmaxx Bumblebee for Christmas and played the heck out of it for a few months learning from a trick book until I mastered the most complex trick in it which was Split The Attom. Somehow I lost interest, skip forward to about 2011 and I picked up a Yoyojam Lyn Fury which was my first unresponsive throw. I wasn’t aware at the time how much things had progressed in the hobby so I used it just for fun going over all the tricks I used to do. Again lost interest after a few months.

Skip forward to Xmas 2017 and unexpectedly I received a Magicyoyo V6 from my sister, I am now realy really into the hobby, bought a few yoyos and I have been learning new stuff from Tutorials online and am progressing slowly but steadily. I really REALLY like playing yoyo.

Sorry for the long message!


Don’t be sorry. I think it is great that you found the hobby again. Now it is time to teach the kids.


Cheers man! I don’t have any kids but my nephew turned 5 yesterday, one of the presents I got him was a Duncan Imperial :slight_smile:


Fellow Spinners!
I am a 56 year old out of work physics teacher, yo-yoed all my life, and been going unresponsive for about year now.
Still can’t grind well and I am still learning binds… No lacerations yet!
Yesterday I learned my first slack trick: Man of the Trapeze and his Brother Slack Mount. Pretty psyched!
I have been having trouble with Boingy-boingy for several months now. and I’m dying to learn finger spins!
Back in the 1990s, I worked with Yomega to write a lab manual for Yo-yo Physics. They paid well, I made a few grand off of it!
Here in the Adirondacks this late winter, skiing has sucked and the lakes won’t be open for paddling for another month…I’ll be listening to Dixieland Jazz with a string tied to my finger!


Yes, the winter has been just nasty. Not enough snow to have much fun, but enough to make it miserable. And the lakes are still hard, with ice out delayed a couple of weeks beyond normal. My canoes are getting lonely.


Yoyoing just rounds out an unemployed active life and being mature you appreciate it more. Weclome!!!


Hello my name is Joaquin. I am a full time college student working part time trying to get their welding certification. I work at a Dairy Queen so if anyone needs ice cream recommendations let me know. I also enjoy playing guitar and skating my favorite companies for all hobbies are CLYW, One Drop, and YoYoFactory for guitars it would be ESP and Jackson and for skating I prefer Zero Skateboards, Thunder Trucks, Spitfire Wheels, and Mom Griptape, and for skateshoes Vans Sk8-hi pro.


I’m just some guy, you know? I played with yoyos when I was growing up but then forgot about them for about 18 years, so I went from a Turbo Bumblebee to modern yoyos. I still prefer responsive yoyos. I just find them more fun challenging.


Hello internet. I love to throw. I signed up to get involved with the BST. Been a huge fan of the Reddit r/throwers community as well. Love this site


I believe I speak on behalf of the entire internet in extending you welcome to the forum.
Great to see some new names posting. On behalf of the yo-yo community everywhere, also welcome aboard to Malachi and UnseatedCarp0.

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Relatively new yo-yo-er here, minus a brief couple of months during the 90s yoyo boom where I learned brain twister on a yomega brain. I picked the hobby up again in February after seeing one too many cheap party favor yoyos come home with my kids.

Now I’m learning cool unresponsive tricks, collecting lots of cool throws, and making my own string/trading strings on Reddit.

Attached is a photo of a cool yoyo/string combination!


Hi, I m newbie here from East Sussex, UK. Working as Activity Co-ordinator at residential care home for elders.Apart from that my hobbies are travelling and reading. I love to explore new things.


Hi all.

Another UK thrower here. From London this time.

Same as MarkD above, I first discovered this hobby during the boom in the late 90’s (cannot believe it was that long ago!) I remember having a Yomega Fireball among others that I can’t remember. Wish I still had them all now. I also had Richie’s “Splitting the Atom & Other Yo-Yo Stuff” book. The thought of splitting the atom back then just seemed impossible and like many others my interest died out with the craze.

Fast forward almost 20(!!) years and I got my first unresponsive a couple of years ago. Learned the majority of the beginner tricks and whips back then and have been casually throwing ever since. If only I’d kept it up over all that time… The number of things I could say that about though!

Would be great to meet some fellow 30-something players in London, like many of you I’m sure, I know absolutely nobody with any interest in this hobby. Hopefully becoming part of this community can ease that loneliness! ;D

Outside of yo-yo I’m expecting my first baby in a few weeks time so it’s all go at the moment!



Being an elder myself I can tell you yoyoing can be a effective therapy. It builds eye-hand coordination and concentration. Have fun and welcome .

And to VaporWzard: Welcome back to the throw.


What’s up everybody new to the site loving everything about it so far I’m out here in Reno seems like I’m yoyo solo right now would love to meet others to hang out with learn some new things I’m already addicted to this loving it live in it my wife hates it hit me up anytime remember Reno Nevada or close by let’s link up my name is Nick but everybody calls me Nicco d3 gallo


Hey guys I’m Vince. From Las Cruces New Mexico looking to network with people. I literally know 0 people who throw in my city or surrounding cities like El Paso Texas. Been throwing since Christmas 2017, I’d consider myself pretty decent. Hit me up if your in the area!