Introduce Yourself!


Hi, that’s cool, I’ve been also playing yo-yo since Christmas in 2017! :slight_smile:


Hello guys my Name is Trace I am 25 years old I have been into yoyos for about 10 years and have loved every second of it!


Hi, Mr. Jacob Shelton, aka SKITZUSA, Yoyoz_R_Life_. Howz trix…


Greetings all!
My name is Steve, but you can call me Swoff and I’m here in north Texas.
After picking up a Duncan Imperial that one of my Kids got, I realized I remembered a few simple, basic tricks.
Well…one thing led to another and I got a Sage and I’ve been digging it ever since!
I look forward to getting to know y’all!


Hi, my name is Tony and I’m getting back into yoyoing after a many year break. Just amazed at how much the high end market has changed in the last few years. Right now, I’m working on my string tricks with a Yoyorecreation Fay.


My name is Ryan, and I’m into the history of the yo-yo. It seemed like this is the most active yo-yo community online, so I wanted to be a part of it!


Welcome everyone!


Hello, my name is Alexandre, I’m 47 years old, I work as a kickboxing coach and my hobbie is yoyo, I love you very much. and I really enjoy buying my yoyos in the yoyoexpert store, in my country I have a hard time learning tricks and buying yoyos and equipment. Thank you for welcoming me into the community.


Hi, everyone! My name’s Keith and I’m 52. I got back into yoyoing a couple years ago, though I’m still very much a beginner. I can do basic tricks, but the unresponsive stuff is still way beyond me!

I’m also a software developer and just released a 3D, mixed-reality yoyo app on the app store, if anyone is interested. I’d love to post about it, but I don’t want to be a spammer! Feel free to ask, if you’d like to know more about it!


Hey all,

Name is Kyle, been throwing for 13 years about. Not my first time here on the forums, but decided to get back into lurking. Lets kick it.

Kyle ‘Uberfish’ D.


Whoa! Uberfish! I remember you from TheYo. Glad to see you here!


I bet you enjoy passing on yoyoing to your kids.



I is always a pleasure to me to see oldsters enjoying our hobby. Welcome!


Uberfish, Welcome back. Good to see some of you guys coming around again.


Hi I am matt I got into yo-yo last August and I love it .i have a collection of about 16 Yoyo’s worth 900 dollars.


Wow, that works out to $56.25 each…


Actually two are worth at least $300



Not New, but it’s been ages. Call me Jim. I make Boss string. Just started back up. I will probably put up a bst soon.

(clyw levi) #5982

hi! i am new to the forums. my name is mark and i am sponsored by caribou lodge :slight_smile: nice to meet you all!

(patrick canny) #5983

Hi! I’ve been yoyoing for around 9 years now, and I just placed 9th at nationals!! I always loved the yoyoexpert forums, and I’m excited to be back :smile:

Name: Patrick Canny
Location: Lawrence, KS (or Ft. Collins, CO)
Sponsor: Scales Collective
Fav TV Shows: Westworld, Portlandia, Cowboy Bebop, Bojack Horseman, Avatar the Last Airbender
Fav Food: Oatmeal with Strawberries and Sunflower Seed Butter