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Hey! I’ve been yo-yoing for 7 years and play 1a and 3a. I’m currently sponsored by UNPRLD and my signature yo-yo is the Cognition! I also do something called Scales with a few other cool yo-yo players. You can check out our work on / @scalescollective on IG. Happy to be back on these forums!

(John D Wolfe) #5985

Hey everyone! Glad to be back on the forum.


ayo! i’ve been yoyoing for about 5.5 years, some of my fav yoyoers are : team scales, yuu, dkim, arata, blaise, owen, shuyun, a-rt team, and paul harness (to name a few). i’m on team duncan and am hyped to see the forums return!


Name: Ibrahim Rahman. Mah friends call me ibs!
Location: Fairfax/Richmond, VA
Sponsor: YoYoFactory
Favorite TV Show(s): The Office, Naruto Shippuden, Freaks and Geeks, Mad Men, Avatar The Last Airbender, GoT, Friends, The Sopranos, and a lot more that I can’t think of <3.
Favorite Food: Chicken & Rice

Excited to meet yall new bruddas and reunite w/ old friends!


Hi! it’s abby again! I thought i’d make a return back to the forums after seeing everywhere that it got updated! anyways, stuff has changed I am now sponsored by smashing yoyos which is pretty cool and i’m entering my second year of college now… time flies basically anyways i’m back to mingle and talk yoyos! Glad to reconnect with y’all!

(Josh) #5989

Yooo! I’m Josh Prokay and I’ve been yoyoing since about 2007 and I haven’t really been active on here since about 2012. Happy to be back!

I’m sponsored by Motor City Yoyos and Airetic String and they’re the coolest group of dudes ever!

My favorite jojos are the Chief, Mitten, and currently the Bolt2 by Doc Pop.


(Brian Low) #5990

Brian from Singapore, been playing since 2009.
I currently run a small but growing yoyo brand called Mythril Yoyos which is
on sale here on YYE(so do check it out :smile: )
I LOVE potatochips and I wish to start a youtube channel reviewing nothing but chips and
the other occasional junk food one day.
Other interests include, video games, anime/manga, photography/videography and Cats.
And I actually make memes for a living.

Use to frequent this forum during my early days of yoyoing and I’m super glad it’s going through a revival.

(Timmy Kwaskowski) #5991

Hey I’m Timmy, I’m 22 and from London, about to enter my final year of dental school. I’ve been yoyoing since December 2014 (my girl bought me a Duncan Butterfly from the Science Museum after we went to see Interstellar because she knew I liked watching yoyo vids). Since then I kind of didn’t realise there was a huge online yoyo scene until about October 2016, at which point I made an Instagram and joined the BST on Facebook. Now I mainly just post on instagram. I’ve competed at 3 UK contests and come last in each, but getting on stage is fun and my score evals are improving with every try!

My insta:

(Ken) #5992

Hello everyone, I’m Ken and I’ve been throwing for about 4 years now. Yoyoing was first introduced to me as a trend in my school and I immediately enjoyed doing it as a hobby. I’ve almost had no contact in the community up until now and almost no one from the community knows me :cry:. Feel free to start a conversation/dm with me as I’m very keen in interacting with fellow yoyoers; My instagram is kenn.yoyo. I’m going to worlds 2018 soon (which ironically is my first contest), I’m looking forward to seeing everyone there!:sweat_smile:

(André Boulay) #5993

Welcome @NoT_ATHROWER! Wow Worlds in China for first contest!!! Amazing!


see you in shanghai!

(Carl Dickinson Brong) #5995

Wow, I’ve never used the YYE forums before. WHERE HAVE I BEEN FOR LITERALLY TEN YEARS

(Josh) #5996

Hello all, I used to yoyo for about 4 years back in '09 or so, I stopped for a long while and made a new account since I forgot all my credentials. I’m having tons of fun! Feels good to be back.


Holy carp! I remember you too! I’m actually super surprised that anyone remembers me lol.


Hi I’m Quincy Adams and am from southern Utah! I’m 15 yrs old and have been yo-yoing for about 4 years now. I really enjoy the YYF Horizon and the Unprld Cognition. I’d love to meet some people here, and express my love for the yo-yo! Check out my IG @q__adams !

(Former National 4A Champion) #5999

@qadams02 Welcome to the forum!

(Illu) #6000

Hi people.
I m Illu From Greece.
I saw my 2 daughters playing with a one-euro yoyo a month ago. I bought myself a yoyofactory fast201 and start to perform the easiest tricks i saw in the site. Then i bought a Magicyoyo Node for me and two YYF ONE for the kids. I have ordered a YYF Shutter and a Recess First Base and i hope to have them in about a week or so.
So a father of two, in his mid forties discovers yoyoing .
Be good

(ClockMonster) #6001

Howdy all. I haven’t touched a yoyo in close to forty years, and back then the new-fangled design was the original ProYo. That was the last yoyo I ever got for myself before losing interest and moving on to other things as a teenager.

Fast forward to just the other day when I stumbled upon a group buy page on MassDrop for a couple Yomega yoyos and their colorful patterns caught my attention and got me curious about the current state of the art in yoyos. That’s how I discovered this site.

And holy moly how the yoyo industry has grown! Whereas back in the day there was either Duncan or “the other guy”, now there are dozens of manufacturers making hundreds of models. Most of them all look the same to me, which makes it really hard to wade through them to find the best one for me to try and get back into the game. Hell, I didn’t even know about this whole “unresponsive” business until yesterday!

So I plan to plumb the depths of this site, do my research, get a decent starter throw, and try to learn some string tricks. Maybe I’ll get hooked again!


Wow, I had forgotten about this site! I was last active about 8 years ago. I don’t know why I quit posting, I suppose life got in the way but I was still yoyoing back then. I don’t think I’ve thrown a yoyo in over 5-6 years. A few weeks ago I got an email saying that the forum was updating or new or moving or something. That email caused me to pick up a yoyo for the first time in years and I started getting reacquainted with my Lyn Fury and my DV888. The years haven’t been kind and I’ve forgotten most of what I’d learned so I’m pretty much re-starting at square one. (Maybe more like square two! lol) To help kick up the excitement I’ve already ordered a new yoyo and plan on re-learning and learning new tricks. (1A stuff) I live in the upper midwest and I’m 50+ so I’m probably old enough to be a Dad to a lot of the people here. One of my favorite hobbies is singing and playing ukulele. Everyone should have one! It’s hard to be down and not smile when you’re playing the ukulele! I’m kind of excited about getting into yoyoing again. Hopefully I can push past the skill level I was at when I first got hooked!

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #6003

Glad you found your way back. You and everyone may smile while you play the ukulele but I’m absolutely certain that my playing the ukulele would bring about much different results! lol