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I can’t say that I’m all that great but I can strum out and sing a decent song. One thing cool about the ukulele community is that they are pretty welcoming and accepting. Judging from a lot of the videos I see out there, there are a LOT of people who fully embrace that acceptance and good will! lol Thanks for the welcome! I’m looking forward to playing with strings in a different way.

(Vidia Oktaviani Sulistiawan) #6005

Hello My name is Vidia, and I am from Indonesia.
I played yoyo since i was a kindergarten student with a traditional Indonesian wooden yoyo. But my yoyo journey doesn’t smooth as well. I get my first plastic yoyo when i was in the 4th grade of my elementary school, and i was stopped playing for a while when i was in junior high school until vocational school ( we called as Sekolah Menengah Kejuruan in my country). And i start again when i was graduated from my vocational school.

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #6006

@VidiaOktavianisID So glad you found the yo again and glad you made it to YYE!

(Vidia Oktaviani Sulistiawan) #6007

@skitrz I hope i can join the international yoyo competition. But the first i want to learn from the beginner actually i can do 11 tricks and i have to learn and practice more tricks.

(Tyler) #6008

My name is Tyler, and I currently live in SE Michigan. I only just recently got into yoyoing a couple months ago, unless you count my time with a Yomega Fireball as a kid in the 90s. I was at a Hobby Lobby or Pat Catan’s a couple months ago, don’t remember which, when i came across some $5 Duncan’s and grabbed myself a butterfly. After about 5 minutes I was hooked again, and knew I needed something that actually sleeps. I ended up ordering some piece of crap responsive yoyo on Amazon, which lead to finding out about the modern yoyoing world of unresponsive yoyos. Since then I’ve been throwing constantly, trying to learn and master new tricks every day, and I think I’ve been coming along okay. I’m planning to make a short clip of everything I’ve learned so far here soon. Glad to be part of such an awesome and welcoming community!


Welcome! I’m in SE Michigan as well.

(Tyler) #6010

What area? I’m just outside Monroe. I’m actually looking to try and put together a club that gets together on a weekend date. I know there’s a club in Plymouth, but I can’t make it to their club meets due to my work schedule, so I wanted to try and start another one.


I’m in Bloomfield. Not many yoyoers around here sadly.

(Tyler) #6012

That’s currently my problem, I’m the only yoyoer I actually know lol. Would be cool to meet more people into it.

(André Boulay) #6013

Welcome Tyler! :blush:

(Andrew) #6014

Howdy, all! I’m Andrew and I’m in the upstate of SC. I’ve been getting back into throwing after a long hiatus (14 years, I think?) and really enjoying it. Getting my Insta on at but no #trickcircle posts yet… We’ll see what happens.

Good to meet y’all!

(Tyler) #6015

Welcome Andrew, I’m pretty new here too. Followed you on IG! (makeshift_media)

(André Boulay) #6016

Awesome! This is what I love most about throwing - is when people who used to throw re-discover and get back into it!!! The best! Welcome back @deep-spaced!

(Andrew) #6017

Followed ya back! Thanks man!

(Andrew) #6018

Such a cool world! Thanks for putting this part of it together, Andre!


36 and this will be my 2nd time getting into yo-yoing. I buy them every time I go to Disney and I have a few different types for string tricks and looping. Just bought my son a hornet and a Butterfly XT! He’s 8 and wants to learn as well.

(Josiah Lyons) #6020

I have the same problem there is no yoyo anything near me :frowning:


New here to the forums so I just wanted to drop in and say HI! My name is Tim, I have been throwing for almost 3 years. I consider myself very active in the Yoyo community. I am frequently on the Facebook pages and Instagram. On Facebook I am the founder of a group called Throw Therapy that centered on discussion and support for mental health in the yoyo community. I am the proud owner of @ladyluckyoyostring on Instagram and my personal Instagram account is @tim.card19. Glad that I can expand into a new community and meet new throwers!

(InvaderDust) #6022

Welcome! Happy to have you aboard. :smiley:


Why hello there! Thanks man!