Introduce Yourself!

(Tyler) #6024

Good to see you over here on the forums!


And who might you be sir?


Ummm, ya know we do have a topic called Introduce Yourself!


Sorry, did not notice that

(André Boulay) #6030

Welcome to the forums! Very cool on that group you run @timcard19! Much respect! :raised_hands:


Thank you sir

(Chris) #6032

Hey, I’m Chris, up until last month it was about 12 yrs since I had played yo-yo. I mean I had a dragonfly I played with occasionally but nothing serious. I stumbled upon and ig post, and what can I say curiousity took hold (I was a child in the 90s so needless to say yo-yo has a special place). So I bought a heist thinking I would use it to pass time when out and about. The heist is a steep learning curve considering I left off on a hitman that saw little use as teen interest took hold. My fiancé who has never seen me sit still for more then 20 minutes (ADHD) was blown away that my focus remained for hours. So she bought a Horizon ultra (first experience with modern yo-yo) as a gift. I soon discovered OD with the 5000qv. I am blown away by yo-yo today! I recently found the parlay and it seems like a winner to me! I am having more fun than I could remember with yo-yo. The community seems super friendly. I look forward to growing my skill set (when I have time). Thanks for keeping the community alive so a guy can get back into the hobby.


Yeah LOL me too. I got a small steel yo-yo early on to play with (also the Heist) and it’s… challenging. Definitely something you want to do a bit later after you’ve fully mastered unresponsive binds and basic unresponsive tricks!

(Chris) #6034

Ya that is what I figured out but thought might as well try, like I was going to be some yo-yo god.


I’m another old guy who misses yo-yoing. I have a little collection I keep most of on display in a glass curio in my bedroom. I had some typical grocery store Duncans as a kid and my grandma bought me one of the old Yomega “brain” yoyos when I was little but I didn’t really get into them until the late 90s when our local ice cream man started selling these cool ball bearing Spintastics which my friend I bought along with a “Splitting the Atom and Other Yo-Yo Stuff” book which we spent night after night going through learning on the driveway. I wound up getting into them again years later when all the unresponsive high-end metal ones came on the scene and learning a lot more tricks beyond that “Splitting the Atom” which seemed so impossible to me back in the day. I have been taking them out and playing with them every now and then since but miss learning new tricks and gawking at the newest latest and greatest yoyos. Although my wife did buy me a Terrarian not too long ago because I was playing the video game. :grin: I’m glad to be back!


Glad to have you back!

(Jeffrey Abe) #6037

hey I’m Jeffrey, I’ve been yoyoing for about 5 years, and just started thinking of competing, I’ve met Paul Harness and he’s been a real help with my tricks. I first met him at a rabbit show. (And yes they have shows for rabbits.) My favorite yoyo as of now is the TopYo Silenus, I also have the C3 VaporMotion, and the IceBreaker.

(Cross Tolliver) #6038

Hey all! My name is Cross Tolliver and I’ve been yoyoing for a long time now, but to be honest I’m still pretty awful at it hahaha. My favorite yoyo right now is the yoyofactory Horizon (Used to be Code 2), but I’m always looking for new favorites. My favorite trick are ones I came up with myself even though most of them don’t have a name. Man I need to get on that haha. Nice to meet yall. Throw on~


Hey Cross. Welcome aboard!

(Zakai) #6040

Hi! I’m, Zakai. Back in 2014 I got my first yoyo, the Yomega Spectrum. Ever since then, I’ve gained an interest in yoyoing. I’ve learned some advanced tricks and combos when I got out of my yoyoing hiatus in 2018. I currently own a Yoyojam Pinnacle (My personal favorite), Adegle Asteroid, and a Magicyoyo K5. I’m awaiting the delivery for a Vosun TiPower which I am very excited to start playing with. 5A is my most favorite yoyoing style even though I’m not very good at it. I’m very glad I have joined the community.

(Thalia) #6041

Hi guys, I’m a Web Designer in an online company that offers this giant dog crate which is for dogs who have large built. I’ve been playing yoyo for almost 20 years. I know a lot of tricks and joined some competition when I was young. I joined this lovely community to learn more tricks from other people. Please welcome me! :slight_smile:

(Zakai) #6042

Welcome to the community!


Welcome! Come on in and make yourself comfortable! Lots of great content here to learn.

(ChrisFrancz) #6044

Hello, I’m a guy, 52, and I live near Stroudsburg, PA. Throwing for 3 years. Quit out of frustration for months at a time but am now on fire even though I learn very slowly. I am trying to find yo friends locally without any luck. Closest yoyo club is 2 1/2 hours away. I am very loyal to all things Yoyo Factory. My greatest wish is to make friends with an experienced thrower who can watch me and point out simple mistakes I am making that keep me from progressing. Currently using YYF Sage, Oracle, DV888, Replay, and Replay Pro. Feeling confident enough to show a few tricks to co-workers. Fave book right now: Yonomicon by Mark McBride. Scientific stuff!

(Zakai) #6045

Welcome! I hope you find someone.