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Hey guys! Another Old Fart here :slight_smile:️. I used to throw in school back in the 90s and though I never did anything other than the basics (Walk The Dog, Around The World) I loved how it felt to throw and catch a yo-yo.

I bought a Duncan Imperial on a lark at a friend’s game store when visiting my alma mater and rediscovered that love. Soon bought a Shutter but got frustrated with binding, so I put the hobby down for another year until I discovered OneDrop through their Trillium fidget spinner. Ended up snagging a Deep State and then the Sage and Recess First Base. Been throwing for a few months now thanks to YYE and YoTricks’s great tutorial series.

I joined the YYE forums because this and the r/throwers subreddit seem to be the two most active yoyo communities.

I’m still working on the basics. For front style, I can do up to Split the Atom and I’m debating working on pinwheel/braintwister combos next. For side style, I can land the trapeze (though still too inconsistently for my tastes) and double-on/triple-on but that’s about it (can’t even bind off the trapeze yet).

I’m primarily interested in 1A and 5A (though 4A looks really cool, too).

Favorite throws are the Sage (it just clicked for me for some reason in a way the First Base didn’t), my YYF Superstar Pivot from the YoYoExpert Mystery Box #3, and whatever happens to be in my hand cuz best yo is the one you throw :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

I’m in the greater NYC area.


The greater NYC area is larger than some states. WELCOME!


Hello! My name is Justin and I am a just starting out. I recently got a Sage (actually on order) and also have a duncan butterfly. My daughter (6) got some cheap duncan from school and have been trying to figure it out. Because of that I got interested and ordered something better for myself so I can give her the butterfly. I hope to learn some basic tricks and to be able to teach my daughter to at least throw the yoyo and get it to come back up.


Many of us started with a Butterfly and decades and many yoyo’s later we still use one on occasion.
Welcome and have fun throwing with your daughter.


I am Cliff Adams, 67-year-old (sort of) retired musician, graphic designer, writer, and geezer. I came to Sacramento from the Bay Area to attend college. Married twice, three adult kids, five grandkids.

I remember the Duncan sales pros coming to elementary school, and eventually buying a Duncan Mardi Gras which I loved until it disappeared when my family moved when I was in the military. I miss it. I returned to yoyo when McDonalds had the Yomegas available. I have two sets, including the upgrade PowerBrain. One set I used, another is still in the original package and the shrinkwrap has not been opened. When that was happening, a friend gave me a retro Duncan Tournament as a present.

I returned to yoyo this year as I was preparing for my church’s Sunday school annual play. Horton Hears a Who has a heroic Who child who plays with a yoyo.

Until I looked at yoyo retail sites online, I never heard of unresponsive. I was a mediocre looper before, never attempting string tricks, but I have more dollars than sense, so I am building a small yoyo collection, including those I have yet to gain the skill needed to do much.

I work now on a consistent bind. Wonderful string tricks to follow.


Wow another grown up. I am also a retired musician and I had a Mardi Gras in my little Duncan collection though, like many others, I favored the Butterfly. Anyway Welcome and have fun.


New member here! I’m 29 and I got started back during the 90s craze because I wanted to stretch myself and learn a new skill. Many of my classmates at school had the X-Brain, and my curiosity took over. I put my yoyos aside for a few years in the 2000s, though, and picked up the hobby again in college after I saw how much the game had changed! I’ve developed a minor obsession with unresponsive play ever since. I’ve not been entirely successful at avoiding becoming a “completion-ist” collector, but as a scientist I like to sample and compare too. Unfortunately none of my friends throw and I don’t really know anyone else in Ohio that throws, so I thought I’d come here and join a larger community! So, hello everyone and I hope you’re all well!

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welcome. you have found the right place. i started a year ago right here. i found so many great people right here. enjoy


Thank you very much!


Hey everyone. I am here because 2018 is going to be my year of the yo-yo. I can remember my first yo-yo I have ever had, it was a crappy plastic thing that looked like a baseball that I got from a arcade when I was 6 years old. Now I am 25 and all I have had many yo-yos but all i really knew how to do was throw it. So after christmas I made the commitment (got the sage starter pack) and decided this year will be my year to learn. I’m focusing mostly on 1a and having hella fun with it. I already moved past my sage and moved on to some nicer plastics. I currently have a speedaholic, yeti 2.0, sage, yyf whip, and i treated myself to a shutter. I’m super excited to learn more and having fun every day with it.
Also the yo-yo community as a whole is one of the most welcoming, helpful, and encouraging group of people i have ever encountered online. I know i’m not that great yet but thanks to all you guys I at least have the tools to become great.


Welcome! I joined very recently too. It’s definitely one of the best online communities I’ve seen so far! One thing I’ve noticed about yo-yos is that it’s really hard to get into the hobby and stick to having only one or two. The trick is sometimes trying to reign in and limit the collection, haha! Enjoy!


yea lol. I stopped myself where I am right now. Once my skills get better i will definitely be getting more yoyos. I instantly am able to understand how people can get sucked into the collecting aspect.


Hi there. This is my first time posting in an online yoyo community, which seems to be kinda rare from the little research I’ve done, so sorry for breaking any unwritten rules or anything like that

Anyway, my history with yoyoing started when I was a kid in 2004 and got a Duncan with a trick video cd-rom packaged along with it. I was immediately enamored with how modern yoyos worked and how you can perform with them compared to their old days of strictly basic tricks. In 2005 I dived head first into competing when my mom, sister, and I drove up to Chico for the US national contest. Surprisingly, I took home the title for my age division, which of course gave me a great amount encouragement to continue with this sport/hobby. Since then I have competed and got rankings in other contests, including 2nd in my age division at the 2005 Redondo Beach contest, 2nd in my age division in the 2006 Southern California YoYo Championship, 1st in my age division at the 2006 Redondo Beach contest, and 2nd in my age division at the 2006 World YoYo contest. I’ve also done some improve freestyles just for fun in some southern California contests in 2006 and 2007.

By 2008 I somehow lost interest with yoyos and moved on to another hobby. I never really connected with any yoyo community other than the occasional trip to Redondo Beach to see their sparse yoyo club, which was strangely unwelcoming other than the organizer of it (thanks, Tom). It was probably that way considering how young I was at the time, nobody wanted to “babysit” me so to speak. I was also not involved in any online communities which made it much harder to keep up to date on any new information coming out. There wasn’t a lot to motivate me to keep going other than myself, and as young teen I wasn’t mature enough to juggle several interests at once.

Now that I’m in my mid-20s, I’ve been very interested in getting back into yoyoing. The most surprising thing to me is how different everything is. Almost every company and player I knew has gone away or changed themselves drastically. YoYo Factory is now the go-to #1 brand? I remember when all they had out was the original Fast series! The Worlds is now a touring competition? That blows my mind. I also totally remember YoYoJam being my life at one point and almost getting sponsored by them after meeting André Boulay a few times. I’m slowly adapting to this different atmosphere with new brands and players popping up everywhere. Currently, I have a small interest in competing again, preferably in the 4a and 5a categories which I believe I most excel, although I have yet to find anything I’m interested in entering. Hope to see some good material from this forum :slight_smile:


Funny have so many start with a Duncan. You will find good material to learn with here and WELCOME!


Welcome back to the yoyo world. Always good to see people rekindle their interest. Hope we can live up to your expectations. Forums are only as good as their contributors.


Hello everyone! I recently started yoyoing after being on vacation and finding and abandoned fixed axle in the woods behind the rental cabin. Of course it was basically useless but it did peak my interest enough to cause me to get on ebay and order a replay pro. Figured out real quick yoyos had changed quite a bit from when i was a child and had learned how to walk the dog and rock the cradle. Literally all i knew. Did a little research and ordered a responsive replay. No we’re talking. After confirming i could walk the dog and rock the cradle i went to youtube to watch and learn. I have since moved on to unresponsive and off string. This is my cold weather hobby. Im a competition shooter during the warmer months. Just like my other hobby i have gone all in on yoyos. I now own over 100 unresponsive yoyos and dont see an end to collecting more anytime soon. I look forward to talking and learning from all of the guys and gals that have far more experience and knowledge. Hopefully i can pass my learning along to someone else in the future. Here we go!


Hi, I just joined, and I was wondering how make my own yoyo tricks?


I was the same way, once i got buying some yoyo’s i just kinda kept going haha. I feel bad sometimes though, that it might be best to just focus with a few of them instead of feeling now obligated to make my rounds through all of them :smiley:


Can an old dog learn a new trick? I’m a 59 year old guy from Indiana USA who has always wanted to learn but never took the time to do so. Life is starting to slow down some now and I want to learn something new. So hopefully I can find some good advice here and start a path to learning how to yo.
I’m interested in making some custom yo yo’s as I do some woodturning as a hobby as well so I’m interested in learning about what kind of bearings and strings and materials to use. I don’t have a favorite yo yo yet. So I’m sure I’ll have lots of questions.


Yes an old dog can learn. Just look around here and you will find many of us “old dogs”. Their is a lot of good videos and conversation on this site so enjoy and WELCOME!