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Hi, my name is Wade. I got my first yo-yo when I was around 6 or 7 years old. I think it was a Duncan butterfly. That was nearly 45 years ago. It seems like my friends had light-up ones (were there such things?), but no luck with my parents buying me one. At some point, my parents threw it away. Seems like the string was always broken, along with a dent or two in the wall. All I remember was that it was big and heavy for my little hands.

My son went through a recent yo-yo phase. Like me, his first was a butterfly. Must be the cool look to it. I recently came across an old wooden Duncan while cleaning out my grandfather’s house and I’m here to try and figure out what it is. Not sure I really want to sell it, but I would like to know what it is. ???


They were probably using a Satellite which lights-up and is heavy. If you can send a picture I bet someone can identify your grandfathers yoyo. Anyway, welcome!


my name is scott… i’m a late bloomer yoyo player… love collecting and learning new tricks…


Hey I’m Sam

I like the ELIM and KODIAK

7th 11 and 12 year old in USA as of 2017


hello everyone .i dont play yoyo now !!because I have no timefor this because i pass the university .i came here because i want to sell my collection in a good price ! because i need some money for my studies!!!and i want my collection to be given to someone who will be happy!!! sorry my english is not good :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, I’m Ted and I’ve recently returned to throwing yoyos after a long long break. I recently found a shoebox with all my old yoyos from the 90’s: my Raider, Fireball, Rengade, Tornado, a couple Turbo Bees, a Phantom, a sweet No Jive, and a beaten but well loved Da Bomb. My first intro to unresponsive was in 1999 with my Renegade and its unlubed bearing (it just pissed me off because I didn’t know how to bind). So, after finding old yoyos in the closet, I decided to learn unresponsive throws. I bought a Protostar, a Shutter and an Edge (which I love) but then discovered that there is this FANTASTIC yoyo manufacturer here in Oregon. So now I’m collecting as many One Drops as I can afford.


I’m an old guy who started yoyoing back in the 1970’s. Back then my favorite yoyos were the Duncan Special and Professional. Today I like Yomega Fireballs modified with Duncan or Raider guts and Raiders. Can anyone help me find out how to determine the production dates of older Yomega Fireballs and Raiders?


Sounds like you have come to play. from one old guy to another: WELCOME!


Yeah, I really enjoy doing looping tricks. I just started working on looping with my left hand. I really like the feel and performance of Raiders and Fireballs. I’ve picked up several used yoyos recently and wanted to find out when they were made. Thanks for the kind words.


Hello! I am Yoon Jeihwan and I am from Korea now studying in the USA :us:
I have been playing yoyo for about 4 years and am hoping to meet some new players here in the US.
If anyone know some meeting in the Los Angeles area in California please do contact me! My main yoyo right now is the St.Elmo and the C3 Radius. Nice to meet everyone!


Hi, I have been YoYoing for 2 months and my new club suggested that I get an account on here, i use a Magic Yoyo n11, and my favorite yoyo is the Elite(I tried someone else’s.)
The leader of my club is:
My favorite player is POLO.


Hey, folks. A little about me. I guess I’d be a bit of an old fart if my assumptions about the current crowd are even close to accurate. I just recently picked a yoyo up again (two weeks ago) and it seems a lot different from when I had one last. I was 15 and it was a Bumblebee. I thought that yoyo was the best thing and I thought I was at least above average with it. A lot has changed in the last 18 years. I’m relearning everything. I can’t even get the thing to sleep straight every time, yet. But it did spark my interest again and I’ve spent the last two weeks watching trick videos and tutorials and looking at yoyos. There’s a lot more info now that the internet is in my hand. No more trying to decipher a trick book, lol. I’ve also learned that the tricks I thought were cool, more advanced tricks are just basics and that not only am I not awesome, I never was, lol. It’s very humbling.

The reason I’m here is because I need a cheaper hobby to occupy my time. I guess I’m a bit of and odd duck in my crowd. Most of my friends and coworkers are into normal things like sports and fantasy leagues. I play paintball. I’m obsessed with it. I sold my television and Xbox a while back when funds were tight. The obsession with paintball is so severe that every time I’ve got money saved for a new television, I buy paintball stuff. But that hobby gets really expensive really fast. And I also started a new job that has me working every weekend and so when the fields are open, I’m not available. They gave us Target gift cards at work for Christmas and when I went to spend mine, I found a Duncan Butterfly XT. In a “why not” nostalgic moment, I bought it. I can’t hit the old tricks every time but I could hit them enough that I started playing more. That’s when the google searching came. Now I’m here. The XT is fun but I feel like I wanna go further than it can. For $5, I don’t hate it. But I want slightly nicer. I’m looking at a Sage and whatever the one with the adjusters on the sides is. I’m working on a breakaway throw and The Man On The Flying Trapeze so that I can start playing in limited space.

I’m looking forward to getting back into this again. Sorry for the WOT.


Old guys are welcome here! I know, I’m one :wink: Want a nicer throw that’s affordable? Check out the Recess First Base. It’s a plastic throw and comes with two bearings. One is narrow for tug response play and the other is wide for modern unresponsive play. $20 at YoYoExpert. Great throw for the money. Grab some extra strings and have a blast!

We’re not happy until you’re not happy! *<B{Q>


Got a suggestion right out of the gate. I’m definitely gonna look that up. The reason I’m looking at the ones I am is because (if you didn’t already guess) the Sage is the one in a bunch of the videos I’ve been watching and the other one has a neat gimmick. I likes me a cool gimmick. I think that’s why that iCEBERG thing is so pretty to me. Just ‘spensive.

I do like the looks of the aluminum yoyos. I just hate the idea of smacking it on the ground or launching it off a broken string. Got any suggestion for noob’s first metal yoyo? Ya know, for “Ooh, shiny” sakes.


Don’t be sorry. Odd Ducks and Old Farts are welcome here.


I was just apologizing for the wall of text, lol. Now I gotta go sticky searching and see if there’s a sticky for intermediate yo-yos. I should probably go through the forum rules again, just to make sure I’m not committing any faux pas.


Name: John Benedict Lu
Nickname: JB
Birthday: January 21, 1989
Country: Philippines
Nationality: Filipino
Started playing yoyo: 2007
Skill Level: 3
Current Yoyo: Wedge, Loop720, Empty
Favorite Yoyo: Wedge
Favorite Player: Shu Takada
Playing Style: 1A,2A
Factors that drove me deeper in yoyoing: being able to learn a new skill

( Adrian Velez) #5900

Hi my name is Adrian. I’m sponsored by Mythril yoyos. I like playing Pokémon and making videos. My favorite yo-yo is the zeppelin or the monolith. And my favorite trick is suicide. And I’ve been buying from yoyoexpert for a while. I used to have an account but I totally forgot my username


Ummm, how’s about this one…

( Adrian Velez) #5902

Yeah that’s my old one.