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MITCH 38yrs old Baltimore Maryland USA Beginner Need Yo-Yo advice please. BEST PLASTIC YO-YO FOR THE MONEY FOR BEGINNER??? Private message me please? I have questions…

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welcome. i am a beginner 6 months now. you have found a great group of people here. good luck and enjoy


My is Liza. I am a 42-year-old woman but a 12-year-old kid at heart. I love yo-yoing as a child and recently one year ago picked up a yo-yo again for the first time in 30 years. I have been unable to go anywhere without a yo-yo sense. I’m almost finish working my way through the yo-yo tricks list. Now 30 yo-yos later i’m quickly becoming a yo-yo addict. Challenging and fun who wouldn’t be.


Hi all! I’m 34, female, from Kansas City and I’ve been throwing off and on for over a year. Found this site thru the Almighty Google. I have the good fortune to live half a mile away from a great skill toy shop that hosts free yoyo workshops three times a week. I play 2A style because it’s just savage. I’m still pretty much a noob, still working on control issues and learning really basic stuff, like the fact I had the string on my finger backwards for the first year or so. Man, does that make a difference! :wink:

I like the Duncan Bumblebee and the JJY Unleashed–of course I like discontinued yoyos! Gives me something to complain about! I got to meet Ben Conde and Gentry Stein last year and got my yoyo signed by both of them (and now I don’t play with that one anymore). They both have a very fluid style that I love and aspire to. My favorite 2A player right now is Ryo Yamashita. Strangley enough, I got interested n throwing by watching–ready for it? Tom Smothers. In black and white. That man could do AMAZING things with an old-school fixed axle, much respect!

Right now I can do 4+ loops with either hand, inside or outside, unless someone is watching, in which case I totally choke. Funny, I have no problem making a fool of myself onstage, playing bass in my band… Anyhoo, it’s nice to be here!


Sounds like part of my story.and it sounds like you are having fun. Welcome!


Sounds like you have it worked out ant that you are enjoying yourself. Welcome!


Hey all!
I have been lurking around for awhile and decided it was time to introduce myself. As you may be able to tell from my name I am an unicyclist. I got back to riding about 4 years ago after a 30 year break on a dare from my 3 year old Grandson after he saw it in the shed. He is 7 now and it is thanks to him I have started Yo-yoing again.

He came over to spend the day a few weeks ago and he could not wait to show me his new Duncan Imperial. I was pleased to see after 40 years that I could still throw a little. I impressed my little buddy with making it sleep, walking the dog, around the world, some looping, over the falls, and the most impressive of the skills in my repertory rock the baby. It felt good that I was able to get right back at it like it was yesterday.

Just like unicycling I was shocked when I got on line to see how far the sport has come in equipment and the skills of the people who participate in the sport.

And I want to give a big thank you to Whammytap for mentioning in her introduction the workshops at Big Skills Toy Shop in Shawnee Mission Kansas. Being just across the river in Missouri I plan on starting to attend on Saturdays when I can.

I look forward to learning with you and being a part of this group.


Arn’t grand-kids wonderful? I hope you continue to have fun with your renewed interest in uni-cycling and with your yoyo’s. Welcome!


Hi everyone!
Im Andrés from Colombia. Im a huge fan of toys like top spins, yoyos and those, because here in my country we used to play alot with them. Now im 20 years old and i would like to learn about this toys. I dont actually have a favorite :smiley: yoyo or yoyo trick, i just love playing with them!! :smiley:


My name is Steve, and, at 67, I think I’m the oldest one here. Back in '62 there were two kids in the 6th grade who could rock the baby in the cradle: Me and Freddie Morfitt. Yoyos came back in 64, and of course I got better but then they faded off my radar for about 30 years when I got a Ton Kuhn Roller Woody. Less than a year later I got an SB2. Within 6 months I had mastered Split the Atom.

I have a steady job; I don’t smoke or drink or do drugs. The only woman I chase is my wife, and about 10 years ago for our 25th anniversary she got me a really, really good yoyo, with no markings on it but it has a string gap the size of the Grand Canyon, it sleeps like a hibernating grizzly and it’s about as responsive as a government agency. Four years after I got it I discovered back binding. Now it’s taken me two years but I finally mastered Gyroscopic Flop by learning how to relax my wrist.

But to the best of my knowledge I’m alone in my town when it comes to yoyos. I need to know how to deal with bearings, and tune the yoyo up. And I really, really need to know about what’s happened with strings in the last ten years.


I just love your descriptions and references and being one year older than you I fully understand what it was like in the 60’s. I hope you continue to have fun with both the yoyo and your wife. And WELCOME!


I’m not a stranger, just an old friend.

My name is Evan and I began to learn basic yoyo techniques when I was 14 about 5 years ago. After about 3 months, I found myself transitioning from different tricks and combos with ease and became a regular user on these forums on a separate account to start formulating my own tricks. I reached a plateau and began to repeat the same tricks over and over again that I had branched from other combos, and I did these for the rest of the 2013 year. I became lost and forgot why I started yoyoing in the first place.

4 years has gone by and I’m rekindling my desire to learn. I haven’t forgotten what I already know, but I have forgotten most of the terms used when in play. I hope the community accepts me back from all that time ago. If you all have any updates as far as terminology I would most definitely appreciate that.

Thanks all!



Hello fellow throwers! I’m Nick, I’m 28 from the USA. I got into yo-yo’s again this last January after a friend of mine showed me some tricks. I’m still not very good, and about the most difficult trick I can do is a kwyjibo(?). I have gotten into yo-yo-ing hoping my kids would also join me, but they don’t appreciate it as much as I do, though they are young. I usually play 1a, though occasionally I’ll smack myself in the face with 5a. I have many throws, with my favorite being a topdeck and the dang 2 being a close second. I usually carry a couple yo-yos with me everywhere I go.

Hopefully I can learn from the rest of you and build some better tricks!


My name is Ryan and I have been yoyoing for about two years. I have not yet entered any contests, however, I am planning on entering my first soon. My favorite throws are the Nightmare and the Sensei. I wish to become one of the few American speed yoyoers!


Hello, I’m Sam. I have collected 12 really nice and expensive yoyos over the last month or so. Now I realize that with 2 cats, I cannot learn fancy tricks because the cats chase the string around and get in the way. A newbie with a flying yoyo and 2 cats are NOT a safe combo. My favorite trick is Around the World. Hey, i said I was a newbie.

Anyway, thanks for letting me join the real masters. I envy all of you who can work with an unresponsive yo-yo. I’m impressed with you all.

I am now going to post on the “Buy Sell Trade” so I can sell my entire collection. Please come and have a look.


I have a cat and we have a blast playing yoyo together. Are you getting out of the hobby altogether?


As it stands now, I am getting out. I found other things to collect that I can enjoy more. I’m just not as good as I need to be to have control over the yoyo with my cats around. I’ve knocked myself on the face a few times and as we all know, that sucks.


Hi my name is Doug I’m a noob, I have 3 daughters interested in learning to yoyo. Not a popular activity in the area we live, so mostly learning watching tutorials.


The exercises here are very helpful and yoyoing is more fun shared with children. Welcome and have fun.


Hello everyone! My name is Max. I’m 18 and I’ve been yoyoing for about four years now.
I spend a huge amount of my time yoyoing but since my trick repertoire is not as big as I would like it to be, I spend most of that time messing around with cool binds.
I’m the only one of my friends who throws, (I’ve tried and failed to get them all into the hobby) and I’ve only ever been to one contest so I have to rely on the wonders of YouTube to learn tricks.
That contest was the 2014 Las Vegas Open/SkillCon. Eric Koloski showed me how to do a slack trapeze, and it probably took me a month afterwards to really get it down. (Thanks Eric! Loved your freestyle that year!)
I’ve got two cats who absolutely love when I change out strings. Yoyoing has saved me a fortune when it comes to cat toys.

I’m excited to be a part of the forums and I look forward to talking about yoyos with you all.

  • Max