How many yo-yos do you have?

ah, thank you sir. it’s been an interesting process, so with your experience your compliment is humbly received… i’ve learned a lot… with plenty more to go, but i stand on the shoulders of giants… and trip on my own shoelaces


How many do I have? Not enough. How do I keep my wants under control? The simple answer would be: because money doesn’t grow on trees.


Pretty sure everyone here has the same number of yoyos. Which is always one less than the ideal number.


Definitely have more than 16. I just reorganized some of my cases. I’ve owned well over 1,000 in my 32 years of playing. If I had to guess, I’m over 100 but under 150 these days. However, I do have 5 on their way to me, and with the YYF B grade sale going on possibly more by the end of the month :rofl:


Too many and never enough. :speak_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :see_no_evil:


Here is how many I (had) back in the day

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Nice HSPIN collection.

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Hspin, YoYoJam and Vader’d FHZ’s were my favorite. Sadly all I have left is a #64 Pyro and Vader’d Higby FHZ. But I’m already searching for build back the collection :joy: :rofl:
Nice to see you are still around!!!

Somewhere between tooooo many and not enough.