How many yo-yos do you own?

Yeah, so how many do you own, i currently have 18 that work and 20 altogether. I also have one for Christmas and another that will be here next week, so really 22.

i currently have 7 yoyos all of them i use. I’m hoping to get a legacy and DarkMagic special yoyo master addition. if i get the special DM I’m probably never going to play with it regularly. ill probably use it every now and then but not much. later and remember keep it spinning.

curently about 3 good yoyo’s

I have about 5 right now, 2 are nice. Brain clone from the bank (see “how I got started” post, you’ll understand) a mosquito, a Dragonfly (meh), a 19 cent imperial from the CVS (WOOHOO), a white DM, and copper axiom. What is this about the DM special edition?

right now i have 6. but i know for a fact i will be getting atleast 5 or more for christmas :o ;D

its a yoyo for André Boulay who was named National Master recently. here look.

i hope to get one but there’s only 225 of em made and only 16 left on yoyonation. chances are slim. my parents put of my stuff as long as they can so they probably will wait till its gone and get me a cheapo of something. later and remember keep it spinning.