how many yoyos do you have?

just wondering how many yoyos you guys have. i have 2. :frowning:

Its over 9000!!!

Er uh…7 :wink:

I have about 12.

BTW I think there is another thread about this. Who knows, that other one is not up to date

Omg, I prolly have somewhere in the 600+ range.

About 10 of those are new one’s from the last couple months btw.

well in ball bearing terms 12 but in anything terms over 100

Lol. 4.

to many. probably 40+

22 almost half are yomegas and another 4 a more for nalstagic(spelling?) reasons than players

Alot! like 300 +. :o

Not enough…

Last count was around 160 or so, I’m the type to buy a yoyo and never trade it or sell it off as one day I may go to play that particular yoyo to find that I no longer have it due to having sold or traded it away.

I have 5 :slight_smile:

Probably 30ish, and there is a competition in two weeks, sooooo probably alot more after that.


I’ve got 4no no 5 forgot my butterfly :smiley:

“10 or more”

LOL, Funniest thing I’ve heard all day.

For those of you that have a Life and don’t watch lame shows:


I have 5 yo’s that work.