most yoyos

OK well right now i have 2…

i know some of u guys have insanely large collections!!!so post here how many u have
I guess this is sorta a contest to see who own the most yoyos

(pleeeese dont lie)

I have 5:

I used to have a 888,dm,grind machine, and Hayabusa. I sold the first three and im buying a fiesta.

11, bout to be 12. Some may be more working than others… ;D

Wide Sport
Zzzip Fly
4 Duncan Butterflies
2 Duncan Imperials
2 Yomega Brains
2 Yomega X-brains
Yomega Wing Brain (I think that’s what it’s called)
3 light up yoyos

i have no idea… a couple hundredish?


are you serious :o

i’ve been yo-yoing a pretty good while. i’ve accumulated a lot of yo-yo’s.

i’ll tell you something though - HAVING a bunch of yo-yo’s is neither special or important. it’s absolutely nothing compared with the significance of USING one.

About 15. I want to slim it down to 5-6 though since I only use a few and I want all yo-yos that I REALLY like instead of a ton of yo-yos that I don’t play much.

11 yoyos. gana be 14 on friday


i have 54

I have about 20.
And if this is a contest, i know icthus or ed will absolutely kill it.


Not that it’s a contest, but collecting yo-yos is all part of the fun imo… of course back in the day it was a lot cheaper.

25 give or take. And I throw pretty much all of them every day… Accept for the antique ones :wink:

Like Ed, I now have well over 100 yo’s. Fun thing about having that many is trying to play them all and not forget one. ALL of my yoyo’s get played. Even my old SB2.

I have 500,000 ::slight_smile:

I have OVER 9000!!!

Joking aside I have 7.