Fixed Axle Friday Throws

A rainy fall day can always use some vibrant color. One of my favorites is the Duncan Profly and what makes this Profly even better is that it was paint by the yoyo Legend John Higby and a edition. Laced up and ready to play today with 100% cotton YYE Type-10

Have a good #fixedaxlefriday YYEF :call_me_hand:let’s see some pics :camera_flash:




Picked up this little gem at a festival which commemorates a trading fort along the Wabash River, in Indiana, in the mid-1700’s. The French fur traders and the Indians would meet at the french fort, Fort Ouiatenon, every year on the ‘hunters moon’ to trade goods, mostly furs.

I was dressed in period clothing and playing with my new throw when a guy asked me, with a laugh, “Are yo-yo’s from that time period?” He thought he had me. I could tell by the expression on his face. I recanted, “Yo-yo’s are believed to have been around for at least three thousand years.” He was quite surprised.

They have tied this one to be fully responsive which I haven’t changed yet because it’s too much fun. I read that semi-responsive wasn’t a thing until the 1920’s which would make the response true to the time period.

I paid $5.75 for it.

I couldn’t find my scales to weigh it.

What would you suggest as a finish to put on this? I was thinking of using linseed oil. Or should i just leave it as is?.

Also, they didn’t advertize it as a ‘yo-yo’ but rather as a ‘top’ which would also be indicative of the time period of mid-1700’s.

I plan on going back today (the next day) armed with my new wooden throw, and a modern one, to educate people on, and advocate for, the return-top hobby.


This much eH can’t be contained to just Friday’s


Nice ehs! What run is the bottom right?

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This Fridays throw is yet another TMBR release with some inspired throwback to the first TMBR release. This is the 2019 IRVING in maple to match my OG Maple Irving. The beauty of TMBR is it’s combination or simplicity and elegance. The new 2019 Irving is more refined and has that premium feel down to the soft sanded edges. The maple weighs in at 52 grams and is a couple millimeters larger in diameter and width coming in at 60mm x 32mm and of course a TMBR threaded axle. Slimline goodness.

Have a good #fixedaxlefriday YYEF :call_me_hand:let’s see some pics :camera_flash:


my boy isn’t fixed, oh but he responds…


This guy came apart and flew across the office this morning. Not a scratch. Haven’t checked the drywall. Lesson learned. Will tighten periodically.


This Friday I’m throwing a fresh Basecamp themed Legend Wing with the white (rubberized) coating. With the coating this LWing is a gram or two heavier than my other naturals, weighting in around 46 grams. The coating feels tacky like a Kendama Tama ball. Tape measures are trickier, but back of the hand stalls lock in, and knuckle bumps feel awesome. Still playing the stock string and enjoying the crispy response, fresh toys are always fun.

Have a good #fixedaxlefriday YYEF :call_me_hand:let’s see some pics :camera_flash:


Nice! Are these still available?

Looks like 9 left


Crossing my fingers there’s one left this time next week.

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Today’s fixed axle Friday throws…definitely Spinworthy


When you throw fixed all the time, every day is Friday!


Looking for some advice. I’m looking to get my first TMBR and there are two available. The Irving and the Morrow. Let me know which you prefer and why. Little background on me; I’m relatively new to the modern responsive (just a few months) so i’m not that advanced. I have no problem with most stalls, fairly consistent with kickflips and hit basic varials 2 out of 10 times. I have a couple of wood (Legend Wing and an O.U.T.) and a couple of metals (Alleycat and Gamer). I prefer the wood mostly for the weight and feel. Based on everything I’ve seen and read, I highly doubt this will be my only TMBR, just looking for opinions on which should be first. Thanks in advance.

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If it’s your first TMBR I would go Maple Morrow. Its weight is in the middle around 55 grams and you already have a Legend Wing that is is on that lighter side. The Morrow’s rounded edges give it a soft feel in the hand. The Irving is shaped more like an Alleycat if you prefer slimline and pending on wood choice it can weight between 45g and 58g. I have a maple 2019 Irving at 52g that I’ve been playing a bunch as feature last week on Fixed Axle Friday Throws. I also have a Cherry Morrow which plays lighter up on Fixed Axle Friday Throws as well. Which ever one you decide on will play great.


I really feel like I should have one of these… where do I find them?

You might have to look at this thread if you missed it

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Very insightful, thank you. Either one I go with I’m leaning toward maple. I like the way it patinas after playing for a while and the contrast with the darker axle color. I have been thinking more about the Morrow simply because, it is what pops in my mind when i think of TMBR.

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I guess I will have to wait for another round of them to be made.