Fixed Axle Friday Throws

Target this morning with the fam. Found this.


I was able to snag 3 of each color. Even left some pinks in the bin. Currently playing these 2 beauties.

Red string snapped fairly quickly. ??


I opened a old mold and new mold on friday to give to a friend and his kid. The old mold definitely had a cotton string, but the new mold felt like a poly string. Maybe the reason so many are having string break issues is from friction .

Any thoughts y’all?

Dont know if @bjardin can confirm this


I thought the issue was really bad scoring on the axles.

I always play my butterflies with poly string and it’s never been a problem.


Ive seen that, but wrong string type will definitely add additional issues.

The string has a much silkier feel to it than previously.

Edit- not certain that the scoring is accross all new molds. Ive played 3 out of package(and changed to cotton string) and havnt had breaks or seen noticeable axle scoring

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I like butterflies, but I’m not sure I understand all this craze about them.


I tested thick and fat poly as well as stock and cotton strings but if the axle is a string cutter it cuts them all in my experience. Im using these ones for modding since the cost is so low and its easy to debur the axles once i separate the halfs.


Bought some for myself to see/feel what was in the inventory. Yes, this is poly string.


My red broke the first 2 strings in a matter of minutes. The original string and then a yye type 10 cotton. The 3rd string lasted about 30 minutes. Im on the 4th now and it had about 2 hrs on it.


The butterfly I scored about a month ago still has the stock string. I play at work and would say I have about 30hrs of throwing it. I was planning on playing it until it snapped but it’s beyond the point of predictable performance. I’m curious how much more I can get out of it, though.


Yeah it’s funny.

Things I GET about the hype:
• Several players absolutely make throwing Butterflies look terrific.
• It’s a $4 yo-yo available anywhere and capable of essentially all modern 0a canon.
• Bryan and new exclusive variants + quality upgrade bring a super cool caché to Duncan. (Steve was talking about these kinds of changes 15 years ago, and awesome to see it finally happen.)

Things I DON’T get about the hype:
• Ok it’s still a Duncan Butterfly.
• Wood is always gonna be > plastic (to me).

(All this to say I def ran out to get a pink one, which I can’t even throw until the new year anyway.)


Butterfly hype might be more than how the yo-yo plays.

I was part of a Disc Golf League that ended up running 1019 consecutive weeks until streak was recently broken. Kinda a big accomplishment to last just shy of 20 years. Lot’s of good memories. Despite such a long run some in the disc golf community didn’t feel the leagues storied history was a big deal.

Maybe the butterfly hype has something to do with nostalgia or the 64 years in production. 1958.


Congrats on the league streak! Even without DG experience that’s an impressive commitment!

To kinda’ bounce off of your mention of nostalgia; I feel like, for me, a lot of the hype comes from this being a $3, entry level yo-yo. I’m constantly amazed at the trick possibilities I see from 0A players and just how far such a simple concept can go. For a bunch of kids getting hyped on DNAs, This is going to be their first throw (minus how hard they are to find compared to the XTs. :face_in_clouds:) From there, It’s only a matter of time until they discover players like Docpop, Ed, or Drew and with all their youthful energy, start pushing boundaries even further within the scene!


Oh man I wish Duncan Butterfly is available in Indonesia, no one carries them, not even the well known yoyo stores. Probably have to import. Seeing those I want to play them again!

I would agree that nostalgia is the main driver, as opposed to the factors I listed, except there’s no commensurate love/excitement for the Imperial.


Starting to sell my collection but I’ll miss these guys when they sell


It would be cool if you could post your thoughts about it when you get to play it. I’d definitely be interested in seeing your opinion of the new vs previous mold.

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The differences will be really subtle. The only change I’m looking for is that the halves are parallel.


It’s def one of the throws I’m most excited to play with, which is hilarious to me in itself! <3


Challenge accepted :grin: