Fixed Axle FeHbruary! (Win a DeHcade)

Hey everybody!

With Colin of TMBR hard at work making the new run of DeHcade, and Fixed Axle February fast approaching… it seems only natural to give one away!

Anyone and everyone can be eligible to enter for a RANDOM DRAWING for a truly awesome wooden, hand-crafted throw - the DeHcade - which is also the only yo-yo I’m using this year.

But (and it’s a BIG BUT)… to be entered, you’ve gotta pass through…

(ok that’s not a thing I just made it up.)

REGARDLESS… to be entered into the drawing, you must hit each of the following tricks on film:

  • Kickflip
  • Bird (3 seconds balance)
  • Shoot the Moon to Lunar Landing
  • Split the Atom (3 somersaults and LOOP OUT)
  • UFO Recapture
  • Zipper Stalls (3 reps)
  • Varial

Here are the tricks. Stylistic difs aside, they should be done essentially as shown.

You can find breakdowns for the tricks online (at the bandalores Instagram page among other places).

A few things to consider:

  • you do NOT need to hit these contiguously as in the video - you can do them one at a time throughout the month and edit them together.
  • you DO need to show the WHOLE trick, including the throw and catch, with the yo-yo visible through all integral stalls. (I’ll judge this area, and if I feel like it looks sketchy or incorrect, I’ll let you know it doesn’t count.)
  • Entries are due by midnight on 2/28. You enter by posting a link to your video in this thread. (Only entries posted here will be considered. I’ll post a list of all the eligible entries at that point and we’ll draw a winner at random on 3/1.
  • You need to put your tricks together into ONE VIDEO (or one single video post if you’re using Insta). You can upload to YouTube, Instagram, Imgur, Vimeo, or any other medium visible through the forum, but all tricks should be together in a single post. If I have to click multiple links to see check em off, it’s a no-go.
  • Any FIXED AXLE yo-yo is eligible. NO ball bearing or transaxle yo-yo’s are allowed for this one. This should be a given since it’s Fixed Axle Feb. When you post your tricks, please identify the yo-yo(s) used.

The point of this contest is to get people to have some fun learning some of the key elements of modern fixed axle throwing. You’ve got a month to learn, hit, and film 7 tricks. I believe in you. Thanks and here’s wishing you an epic FAF!

ENTERED SO FAR (I’ll update throughout the month):
@ safetypin *I can only technically mention 10 users in the post - had to get creative.
@ Lukoyo
@ rms
@ thethrowinggnome
@ simyo
@ trycatchthrow


Love it!!!


Let’s do this!!




Got it! Good luck everyone! It may take some practice but I promise it’s worth it! Don’t give up!


I think I got all of these other than split the atom. How yalls fixies spin for that long :joy:


When you do the split the atom, it’s almost swinging the yoyo partly but also moving your hands around it so there isn’t as much tension causing friction and slowing the yoyo down


Ed I’m not going to lie…

These tricks aren’t easy! Hahah, I love it man. Glad you are putting this together. Getting people in the community out of their comfort zone. I’m definitely finding my love for fixed axle play again!


Today I learned the difference between a kick flip and a varial. I’m happy to no longer be using them interchangeably. This and the shoot the moon record are really helping me just sink into my fixed year.


For those who need a little help, Ed and YoYoExpert have you covered. I put together a list of links to tutorials of these tricks. NGL though… split the atom feels impossible on a fixie. If anyone has tips for finishing that off, let me know.

Without further ado, here’s a list of links:



pt1 Shoot the Moon
pt2 Lunar Landing

Split the Atom

UFO Recapture

Zipper Stalls



It’s on!!!

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I mean definitely remember that it was invented on a fixed axle. It does require some subtlety and precision (especially on an Imperial or similar) and you have to have a good throw. Part of it is making sure you don’t allow any slack near the gap. I remember when I was starting with fixed axle and mostly using Proyos, Steve Brown told me how that trick kind of vanished from peoples’ fixed axle skill set after bearings were popularized. It was one of the first benchmark tricks I was compelled to make sure I had down on No Jives, etc. It takes some work, but you can get it.

Channel your inner Bob Rule or Dale O!


Agreed on Split The Atom. Even brain twister is difficult without a bearing. I was just watching this last night and there’s a sequence of amazing tricks by @unklesteve and Chris Neff followed by a message on screen saying that the previous tricks were all done on Duncan Imperials. Made me want to throw my collection in the trash and start to really try to learn.


I think what really helped me was really long string, strong throw and luck😅


Thanks! I appreciate that. I’m using an orphan for all my tricks, so precision will be key given the very high walls of this one.

Absolutely – I’m completely spoiled by bearings. I’ll often pick up a responsive yoyo and work out my unresponsive tricks to fix sloppy play, but I never put a lot of time in my fixed axle play and it shows.


Going all-in tomorrow with a single fixie for February. Still debating which one, but it’s happening. 4 weeks is a long time to get down all those tricks, but I’m not sure I have the patience. We’ll see!


I was able to do Split the Atom yesterday on a Fixie at our meetup. I had to relearn it, because I mess around with those elements in combos a lot, and not so much as that trick.

I remember being bound and determined to be able to do all those tricks Arnie Dixon did on a Butterfly, on a Butterfly. The only one I never got was Rollercoaster:

…so I guess I’m pretty old school!


Some tricks I knew and some I had already been working on, others took a lot of grinding. Somehow tonight I’ve managed to get them all on tape (Bird took me by surprise, haha)!

I still have a whole lot left of FAF, I think the goal now may be to see if I can hit them all consecutively on tape!


Mine entire :yo-yo:


You guys rule! 3 textbook entries so far!