Feedback for Jayjo866 (Jeff Arab) - Scammer Warning

While I received what I purchased I can confirm the envelope thing is what he does I found it weird at the time but I was a new member while he was doing giveaways so I figured much more established and didn’t say anything, I tried many a times to follow up on the inception on behalf of the community only to be ignored/ghosted. Would no longer recommend purchasing from him


Got my Collapsar from @Jayjo866 today. He shipped quickly and included a bunch of extras. Thanks for a smooth transaction!

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Felt posting a PSA and updating his feedback thread was important, since no one has already, and in case any prospective buyers/traders and/or newcomers interested in dealing with Jeff (@Jayjo866) find his feedback thread via search.

DO NOT buy, sell or trade with @Jayjo866.

Here’s quick rundown of the facts, or if you prefer, you can grab a bag of popcorn and read it all for yourself here starting at this point in the “Pay It Forward” thread. Otherwise, in summary:
(1) Jeff requested to participate in the “Pay It Forward Inception Thread,” where basically you’re able to try a throw for a short period of time (like a week or two, a month max) and pass it on to the next person.
(2) The throw was shipped to Jeff on May 4th and arrived in his possession on May 7th (see reference here).
(3) Before ghosting everyone for several months, he made several excuses as to why he couldn’t get it out and claimed several times he would get it out (but of course that never actually happened).
(4) Through a joint community effort, we finally tracked Jeff down on his social media and finally got him to respond on October 17 AFTER FOUR MONTHS of him ghosting everyone and dodging getting the throw shipped out.
(5) After several more excuses and a bit more delay, the throw was FINALLY shipped out and arrived to the next person.
(6) HOWEVER… the throw was:

  • Shipped in only an envelope, not a box (a big no no, as serious damage could have been caused to the throw).
  • Missing the upgraded bearing @Theycallmecotton generously donated and put in the throw.
  • And most importantly, MISSING THE AXLE. (Link to post). The yoyo could also possibly be stripped since it was sent with the wrong axle, but we can’t be sure until we get the right axle - I’ll edit this post when we know.

TLDR, @Jayjo866 ghosted the community for months, took 4+ months to ship, stole the bearing and axle that came with the throw and didn’t use proper packaging. Avoid doing business with him at all costs - he is unfortunately a bad apple in an otherwise great community of trustworthy people. I’m personally hoping he’s banned from YYE entirely - seeing him participate in forum discussions whilst scamming the community is aggravating and insulting.


Spence (@SR1) has done an accurate job of condensing the story, the only thing I’d like to add is that while @Jayjo866 was ignoring attempts to contact him on this forum as well as YouTube, he continued to be active on YouTube, posting videos and ignoring or brushing off communication attempts with dismissive responses. This is all referenced in the thread that Spence has linked.

So his hiatus was not due to medical or personal emergency, or simple forgetfulness. In my opinion he intended to steal the yoyo, and was only forced to send it along after pressure was put on him through YouTube and possibly other social media sites. When he did finally send it along, it was in very poor grace and with no regard for the safe shipping of what is a very expensive and high-end yoyo.

It’s worth mentioning that he did steal the accessories and extra strings that had been included in the original Pay it Forward box, as well as the box itself.

@Jayjo866 is, in my opinion, a thief, albeit an incompetent one. Avoid doing business with at all costs!