Jayjo866 Scammer Warning

Jayjo866 has not returned any PM’s or attempts to contact!!
Unfortunately I didn’t want to do this……
but “Jeff” has broken the “Pay-It-Forward Inception thread” by stopping and not sending to next “I’ll take it!”
So…. with great trepidation I’m am doing this guys!!
Has anyone heard from Mr Jeff?
Since posting this post I have heard from Jeff…. He has stated to me & others he did not intend to scam it…. He just really really likes it and got busy & forgot….
He is in the process of forwarding this Inception!


Others have said before that he’s pretty active on YouTube… So I tried hitting him up there like, “Hey man how’s that Inception, wanna send it on its way?” :sweat_smile:

No response.


Yes i did. He shipped it right away. Sent me tracking number right after shipping.


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