Reid182? Isn't Responding?! RESOLVED

I did a trade with him. My Yuuksta, Protostar, shaqlerstar, and whip for his Yeti, Halo, and another yoyo. He hasn’t said that he shipped even though he was supposed to a while ago. He doesn’t respond to Pm’s or anything what do I do?

I’ll hit him up.

Did you ship?


I’m afraid that as far as I know there’s nothing you can do but give him very negative feedback and he will likely never trade again on the forums. At least you’ll be the last person he screws over :frowning:

Well, he logged in today… posted “I scammed you” to this very thread (I assume meant in an ironic way and that there’s more to the story than we’re currently aware of). I suspect there’s a conversation that still needs to happen.

I saw that and reported it, I didn’t feel like it was appropriate as a joke, and certainly not as a serious statement.

Sounds like a kid out to get some new yoyos

I suggest doing a reverse lookup on his address and getting his phone number
I’ve had to do that a couple times and it normally works pretty well

i’m pretty sure this got resolved. I know reid personally, and judging by the fact that this thread hasn’t been posted in by OP, I think everything is fine.

Delete please.