Bad experience with Link45116...(RESOLVED)

This might get his attention, and warn you guys of him.

I made a trade with Link45116. I traded him a mint supernova for a beat up Go Big and a OneStar, with an extra bearing and 5 counterweights. I knew I had the worse end of the trade, but I wanted to start 4a and I liked the look of the mint OneStar. Anyway, I shipped my half and asked him to wait a few days to ship his half so I could settle in the new house and get the forwarded mail sorted out. He received his end and I let him know he could ship. Then we kinda talked, but he stopped responding. On June 12th, he let me know he got the Supernova. Ten days later, after repeatedly messaging to ask if he shipped, he said he was at Scout Camp and was busy. He also said he was having new caps shipped to him from YYJ (no caps when he had it). Now on July first, after more nagging, he said put in lateral caps and will ship by the end of the week. Then more nagging. He said on July 12 he is still at scout camp an will ship very soon.

At this point I am freaking out that I have been scammed and don’t know what to do. I am tired of getting one message from him every week or so.

I messaged him more, with no response, and after tons of reminders, on August 4th, I get just feedback from him. It read “amazing trader, very patient”.

I didn’t get the tracking I asked for, nothing saying he shipped, nothing.

I receive the package the next day. I got the two yoyos, but no bearing, no counterweights. I am very happy to have the yoyos, which are in the condition he described. I use them an love them and 4a was very fu to start. I left feedback.

You will probably call me dumb for this, but I left positive feedback. I thought it was just bad timing, and I bought a Summit from him before and he was good to work with. I assumed he wouldn’t do this to other people.

I know. Dumb.

Now get this. I am doing some 4a and wondering why my spin times are around 5 seconds. I realized the yoyo was silent. I checked the bearing and it was fine.

It was the bearing seat. It was stopping the bearing. And this set me off. I can’t get it to work. I am still trying things. I can’t tell what’s wrong though. I have tried everything I can find.

I asked him of course. No response.

I traded a Supernova for a OneStar. And it took months.

Alright. I’m done now.

Dude. You got shafted. Even if you got the bearing and cw’s…

PM me your address and I’ll send you some counterweights.

I hate when people agree to a trade, and their excuse for shipping late is “I was busy” or “I had plans”.

My experiences with him weren’t the best. The octave 3 I got from him had a stripped axle. But he did throw in a YYF one. And it took like 10 days to get to me because he used some USPS business shipping. But I did leave him positive feedback, due to the fact he threw in a free throw.

Thanks man for the offer, but it’s fine. I have counterweights. I didn’t need them, I just wanted to try to balance the trade as much as possible.

Hah I was going to say the same thing.

But look at Nick being a standup guy. ;D

Yea, well, I’ve been scammed before and even though this isn’t “exactly” the same thing, it still sucks. I have way more cw’s than I need, so I figured I’d offer.

It’s real nice. Not everybody would do that. I’m just frustrated now for my lack of 4a. The throw and catch is fun… I’ll probably buy a new Go Big soon.

Recently this Link guy has been getting bad rep… A few days ago there was another bad thread about him. What I’d do is contact a mod to remove that positive feedback. Change it to Negative. He cheated you. That’s bad. Sorry it had to work out like this, you seem like a really good kid. You didn’t deserve to get scammed, no matter how minor.

It’s changed! I actually just copied and pasted what I sent to jhb to make this thread.

Hey guys! Update! He wants to make it right. I knew he was a good guy, he sold me my Summit a while back and I had a great experience. Hopefully we can work this out.

Any updates, nard?

Give me your address and ill send you a nice 4a throw and a few strings! Just PM me your addy and it will go in the mail tomorrow!

Standup guy here!

Indeed 8)

I just left up the bad review and bought a new Go Big.

My 4a is improving though!

And thanks again Snafu.

I think everyone should give his post a thank you for being such a great person! We exchanged PMs about it, I will let him keep his throw, but still a very nice movement!

I would have, but there is no “Thank You” option in the Trader Feedback section.

Lousy glad you got it sorted and i was just following the golden rule!