Bad experience with Link45116...(RESOLVED)


I know it hard to believe but that must if just been terrible timing link45116 is a great dude I bought many throws from him he actually goes to my school and is totally helpful with all my questions great guy he must of just been busy sorry you had a bad experience but give him another chance! He really is a good guy… Even me being one of his great friends it takes him like 3 days to pm me back but don’t worry he is completely honest and a good guy


I had to leave him neutral :frowning:


It was sorted a long time ago (check the time of the post :slight_smile: )

I know he is a good guy. I trust that he did not mean to do a bad trade, but that’s exactly what it was, a bad trade.

He does a lot for the community and I believe if he continues to do so one negative feedback won’t hurt him.

Bad timing I guess, but I’m not changing the feedback.