Is anyone in contact with TeeJay


Hey gang, anyone heard from @TeeJay ?

We had a trade arrangement, of which I fulfilled my end, and the last I heard from him was two weeks ago. His last message says that he would contact me later that day after shipping the package meant for me.

From the tracking info he received his package from me 9 days ago.

From my initial contact with him 27days ago until two weeks ago, he was always polite and prompt in our conversation. I am shocked that communication has stopped and am hoping that it is just a misunderstanding. If anyone can assuage my fears that have dealt with @TeeJay or could help me contact I would be most grateful.


@TeeJay is a super solid guy. I used to message him on here a bit but I haven’t heard from him for while either.

Maybe something happened? I believe with the utmost confidence he’s not scamming you though, he’s a really awesome guy.


Thanks for sharing your experience. I agree it is most likely something came up because until he stopped responding he was personable and transparent.

I do not want to tarnish his reputation or even speak ill of him. I needed some reassurance and maybe someone has been in contact.

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When I first met the guy; we didn’t get along at all. He had a pretty bad attitude and we argued for a day or two.
I felt like I was arguing with myself; lol.

He reminded me of ‘me’ when I was much younger. He is nice… but doesn’t take any crap; so to speak.

But; our sword fight aside; Thomas is a straight shooter. He is a real smart guy and has a great sense of humor.

I am a pretty good judge of character. And I would say that he must have run into some ‘stuff’ that just needs to be handled.

He seems like the last guy to ‘pull a fast one’.

I hope he is ok?

We will find out soon enough.



Definitely agree there. I don’t think Thomas would ever scam someone, he seems to be a very honest person.

Something definitely came up

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Don’t give up hope too soon. It’s only nearly been 2 weeks.

(LJ) #7

His profile shows he was last active here May 6. Was that the day of his last contact with you?

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My last message from him was on May 2nd

(Justin Thompson) #9

Man, @TeeJay is as solid as they come. I reached out to him last week and was wondering what was up also. Whatever it is, it AINT A SCAM.


Hey everyone,

I have Tj’s number and have been making an effort to contact him. I haven’t heard back as of yet. This definitely isn’t like him to not follow through on a deal. He’s a great guy, fresh in the community and absolutely loves this place. I do not think he is scamming or anything, something had to of come up and is keeping him away.

Soon as I hear back I will update everyone.



Really hope he’s okay


Anything guys? @KSnow @gataco


Unfortunately, i’ve yet to hear anything. =\ I’ve been texting and calling trying my best to get a hold Tj but haven’t heard anything. I will continue to do so until I hear back. I have no idea about what could be going on. I’m hoping for the best and keeping my fingers crossed that I hear from him sometime soon. Sorry i’m unable to give any more info or a more hopeful update. Just hoping he’s okay.


no need to apologize, just was hoping he was all good. Thanks for checking in though!

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Thanks for checking in, nothing to report on my end. I hope that he is okay.


Sucks you lost a throw for the time being also :confused: