Pay It Forward Inception

Ok…. I used the smaller axle (10m) from my Space Cowboy & it fit! Thanks to Keith….
Finally I’ve been able to throw this aqua Inception that’s been gone………Yeah!!


Buddy was on here 1 minute ago according to his account, he see’s all of this lol. This is just wild to me, sorry to barg in on this thread guys but I’m glad I did so I know never to do business with this guy.

Oh and btw whoever was generous enough to let people in the community try out a throw of that price and caliber you are awesome. Sucks that this happened and I’m sure your trust is now shot. The saying we’ve all heard before “one person ruins it for the whole group” really does apply to everything in life lol


I think you should talk to the other guy and make him to pay for the axle that you put in the Inception. Cuz that’s his fault for taking the stock axle.


Id be happy to pay international shipping. I am on the list and will pay it both ways. To me and forward. Thanks guys. Very exciting to b part of this


So… i asked @Jayjo866 why? And I’m confused and give up… here’s the screen shot…

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He already has a feedback thread, so earlier today (and once we found out more issues upon @rockstar’s receipt of it) I took the liberty of adding to it here. Explained in a clear and in depth manner why no one should ever trade with this clown again.


I agree that we should steer the focus away from @jayjo866 in this thread and get it back to the “Pay it forward” aspect as it began. However, I agree with the idea to start a separate feedback thread for him to warn anyone in the future that they could get ripped off from @jayjo866 if they do business with him. We owe that to the community imo.


Thank you for taking the time to warn others in the community

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That response is actually hilarious lol. What a goon


Wow, have I missed A LOT.

I mean…just…WOW. I really don’t know what else to say about the state the OG Inception arrived in. The whole thing has been a bit like a train wreck. Horrible, yet you can’t look away :joy:. The guy is just ridiculous. His reputation is thrashed. And for what? Maybe a double handful of string samples, a bearing…and…an…axle…?

What part of that list says, “Worth it!”?? Maybe I just don’t understand how amazing that axle is.

Le Sigh.

It sucks that it all happened like it did—like he’s created a stain within an otherwise incredible community. I’m glad that it’s out of his hands though, or most of it is, and getting back on track. After getting some emergency medical attention and some donated guts to save it’s life.

I can’t believe I’m coming up on the end of my time already! I love this throw! It’s definitely jumped to the top of my wishlist. @moefv You guys definitely created something very special—I’ve never thrown anything like it!

I have a request for you guys on the list:

I’ve been on the fence about asking, but my time is nearly up, and I finally decided there was no harm in it. If no one is down, no worries my dudes.

I’ve been working on this big skill-toy kit for my kids, for what feels like forever at this point, and I was wondering if three of you guys on the list would be up for donating your Few & Far Between enamel pin and Totem/spin tops, so I could add them as awesome little extras for the boys?

No worries at all if you guys want your goodies, they are super cool, and I totally get it :joy::grin:.


Both @rockstar and @SpaceMercKlyde have told me they are sending me their Inception next. I should probably only get one…

Edit: or maybe I should, then half swap them, then send them both out :thinking:


Edit… txt removed… there can be no half swaps!

Edit 2- need to be true to self… half swaps make everything more exciting😉

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Unpopular opinion… I hate half swaps :rofl:




I like halfswaps on some throws (my red/blue K.O. brings me great joy) but I think a halfswap between these two colorways would be an abomination. Silver/gold with engraving on one side and blue/silver with no engraving on the other side just clashes.



I was mostly kidding. The throws belong to two different people.


Here’s an idea: the blue one continues in the traditional Pay It Forward way—first to say they want it, gets it.

The silver one just goes down the list, and then is returned to @moefv as planned.

That way, the chain continues, and we’re not sending two to the same person.

Maybe some preferential treatment to those sacrificing their yo-yo guts to resuscitate the blue one and bring it back from the dead :grin:.

From this point forward, I dub the Blue Inception… The Zombie! :joy:


If no one wants it at the end of the designated period, best to send back to the original owner to avoid a situation where the temp user disappears for whatever reason. At least the owner gets back the yoyo.


Soooo is jayo still on here taking advantage of people or are the mods going to ban him? Where is the straight answer on that?


Having a negative feedback thread is only good if someone knows to search for it. (New members don’t typically know the ins and outs) he’s better off out of the community than sticking around on the side lines nickel and diming people out of bearings and axels. Just my opinion.