Fans of heavy yoyos speak up!

Heavy no but a bit chubby yeah lol at least organic throws I like small and round

Does anyone have recommendations for good heavy Yoyos? I haven’t found any new stuff I like that’s over 65 grams. The only heavy Yoyos I currently have are a sumo and a bvm. I feel like the more modern heavy Yoyos aren’t balanced enough for me.

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I train my speed combos with a Sengoku Bakemono (85 grams). I’ll throw that for around a week.

Then when I switch to the very light Kenshin Kiwami, and I feel like Iori Yamaki.


I really like heavy yoyos. Most favourites seem 67g-68g. That used to be the norm.

I remember in around 2013 that only boutique or super expensive brands seemed to have 65g yoyos in their lineup.


dave mcevoy apathy v2 proto was a monster 70g. bimetal with brass rings… you’d never know it was 70… smooth player too

I have an apathy v2 incoming that I bought off the BST. Is it similar to the apathy v2 proto? I bought it thinking it was similar to the apathy v1 at 62g. If it comes in and weighs around 70g–that’s a huge difference! :flushed: I’m not sure I have the arm strength to toss it one-handed. I may have to put it back up on the BST for sale :rofl:

I like 64g and under so I know I’m in the wrong thread! :blush:

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i’m pretty confident he only made the one run, it was a prototype short run… but yeah, that’s the one…

it’s a throw well outside of my preferred tastes, including weight, but it’s a good throw. even to me it didn’t ‘feel’ as heavy as it is… there are quite a few of us around here that have/had them that can likely comment as well

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Oh man, yeah, that’s way too heavy for me I think. I couldn’t find any info on the v2 version and I just assumed there were no significant design changes like adding 8 grams of weight! HAHAHA! :rofl:

I’ll have to try it out. If it doesn’t work out maybe I can try to trade it for the lighter Apathy V1 or sell it outright.

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I have a 91g Whimsy Lessur, but it’s no Chameleon or Chameleon Light.

It scares me a little bit, but it certainly keeps me honest about staying on plane.

I also have a Budda King 2 Lite, but it’s only 71g (BK2 was 88g).

Honestly, though, my preference is sub ~66g, depending on the design.

I am a fan of heavier yoyos. Favorites include the 70g Manimal by chico yoyo co. and the 75g YYF Mutant DNA. I do like my yoyos with a bit of heft and these two have that in spades.


Sancti Grail
80grams of titanium…mmm…mmm…good!


Anything under 64 g is insulting to my masculinity .


One of my favorites as well.

I used to have a Dreadnought G, the heaviest thing I’ve thrown. Amazing spin time but it felt dangerous. If you got a knot and took that angular 79g of metal to the head… well, it could be ugly. I did lots of safety throws. Eli hops on something like that felt incredible, though.


I like heavy yoyos, a lot of yoyo jams are close to 70g, I really enjoy the downbeat, another I throw a lot is the turning point collapsar which is 76.6g, and the awoken anubis which is around 68g.


And I like my yo-yo bag to have bandages…


I am a big fan of the dread g. Spins for days and is perfect for learning new tricks on.

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I think you guys would be a fan of the Spark O’ Matic 5000. Over a hungo grams of weighty goodness.


Doubles as a weapon for vigilantism I assume .