Whimsy Yo-Yos Presents THE LESSUR!

The new Whimsy LESSUR is a very fun yo-yo design based on the classic RUSSEL yo-yo from the 80’s. See what they did there? RUSSEL ~ LESSUR?

Whimsy created the Lessur as a tribute. This is their way of bringing one of their favorite yo-yos back to life in a new and innovative way and we couldn’t be happier with it!

They machined the Lessur out of aluminum to give it a really nice weight and greatly improved spin time compared to the original Russel. It has a really laid back feel and is just an amazingly fun yo-yo to throw around. And just look at it – with the polished aluminum body and simple cap design this yo-yo has a classic look and will make a great showpiece in any collection!

http://yoyoexpert.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/whimsy-lessur.png http://yoyoexpert.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/whimsy-lessur2.png

The Whimsy Lessur just reminds you that yo-yoing is supposed to be fun. Take a break from crazy combos or intense speedy competitive play and throw for fun with the new Whimsy Lessur!

I saw one of these at Georgia States and it sure looked interesting.

Ninety. One. Grams.

I kinda want one anyway. :wink:

That’s a brave man doing 2a in the video with 91g aluminum yoyos

What a way to go old school! Talk about high walls!!

Here is the background idea we produce LESSUR.

“LESSUR” is a yoyo designed based on the “RUSSEL” in the 80’s.

“RUSSEL” itself is a classic kind of yoyo and has been rocking for ages.
Most people heard of “RUSSEL” from the promotional events of Coca Cola.
At that time, unlike the trend nowadays, not a huge variety of yoyos can
be found, or some of them even failed to be handed down.

We, WHIMSY, decided to bring “RUSSEL” back to life. We have modified this
wooden yoyo to increase its spinning time. To make it a lot more playable and
lot more suitable for fancy moves. An eye catching aluminum RAW coating of
LESSUR will be launched.

“LESSUR” has a classy design, with metallic primary colors such as metallic silver, the
reflectiveness of it gives an impression like it is a yoyo from the future.

By blending history and modern designs together, we hope to promote the popularity of
yoyos and bring in a whole new yoyo culture.

“LESSUR” is a yoyo composed of our childhood memories, with a modified design,
players can definitely refresh their memories of having fun with this yoyo.

Not For Advance Tricks
For Collection ONLY.


Only problem I see here is you spelled it wrong! It’s not Russel…it’s Russell with 2 L’s :-\

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Yeah… but Lessur is easier to pronounce than LLessur!

Depends if you’re Welsh!

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Than why did he still spell it with only one L when he referred to the original company of Russell? …but ye…I ges u r rite ! ::slight_smile:

Anyway…I ordered one! lol

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Don’t mean to hijack the thread - but here is some info on the Russell promotions, if anyone is interested:

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