Whimsy Lessur Review

I didn’t see any reviews for this yoyo so I wanted to add one.
I ordered the lessur because I needed a small, cheap responsive yoyo just to mess around with. I don’t have that many responsive yoyos, and right now, with out changing out bearings, this is now the only one I have. First thing I noticed was it comes in a wool cloth bag, that made me think of a old retro potato bag but smaller. I know I’m painting it an ugly picture, but I knew they were shooting for old, newly design yoyo, so I liked the bag.
Second thing I noticed was the weight. Damn. I mean, this thing is heavy! 91 grams doesn’t sound like much, but I don’t like looping inside with this one. But, other than that, it’s a great throw! 2A is hard but not impossible, and I defiantly recommend it to people just starting out because this will build up those looping muscles fast! And as simple 1A, it’s fun.
It’s not suppose to be a trick yoyo so much as something that was old, redesign and I feel like Whimsy did that amazingly and at 20 bucks I’m glad I got one!



Thanks for your review - sounds like an real ‘oldschool’ yoyo. Maybe you could tell something about the spinning times and the bearing? (from a yoyo with 91g I would expect very long spinning times)

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the ideas! The bearing is a small 2a bearing, looked a little smaller than average, but the spin time isn’t that long, and throwing it so hard my finger about fell off, I could only get an average of 30 seconds before it would be really really difficult to pull back up. I think the reason behind that was that oldschool yoyos didn’t have high spin time, and this ones design doesn’t really utilize all that weight in the way long spin times. Honestly, like Whimsy said, its more of a collection piece than performance piece. But I dig it!

91g actually sounds like a lot when it comes to the norm being around 65g for the average metal yoyo! If they shaved 10g off, I think I’d like it a lot more.

The weight distribution isn’t that great (it’s meant for 0A, afterall), so spin times do in fact suck.

It’s definitely a fun little bugger, though.

yeah it’s defiantly a really fun little thing!