One star

I know I said I wouldn’t go into a review on this throw but it’s too good not to.

What’s in the box: the YoYo, a champions collection blue, black, and white string, instruction manual which is smart for any new people who pick it up, and last but not least, a random rubber band.

Pre throw: Once I took the YoYo out and I was running my palms and fingers over it, I noticed the texture of it was smooth and would be nice for grinding. The caps look absolutely superb with the offsetting pink color the YoYo has.

On a throw: first throw, my finger wanted to fly off of my hand from the snap. The YoYo is too wide for a curved bearing of any kind. So I took the bearing out and replaced it with a YYF spec and it was 10,000,000 times better(maybe a little exaggerated but whatever) and it came off my hand just like a YoYo should. That being said, the YoYo is a little vibey, because its a plastic I’m fine with it because I didn’t spend 90+ dollars on it. You aren’t going to get a perfect YoYo for $15. Spin times are stellar with this thing. I like it better than my Supernova Lite. It grinds awesomely, the caps are great for horizontal finger in side grinds. It’s the most fun I’ve had throwing YoYo in a while. Yeah, I have $100+ throws but because its so much fun, it’s getting all my love in throwing. I realize this isn’t my most in depth review ever but I feel like it summarizes how it is. There’s not much hate I have towards it besides the bearing.
Keep your eyes out for more reviews of mine in this week :smiley:
Throw a lot, throw everyday, and happy throwing :slight_smile:

I have a responsive bearing from my vexed would that work

If you want to play responsive with it. If you want a good flat bearing, one drop 10 balls and Yyj Speed are my favorite on this site :slight_smile:

that is awesome and godly

Sushi watch your language

what language?

Is godly now a swear word?

depends on your religion :o


Great review. Its pretty much exactly how I feel about it. All general releases will ship with a flat bearing and they start shipping to stores hopefully next week in green , white and marble blue.

I may have to pick up another or 3. Haha

Ooo, I’ll be getting one in green and/or white. :slight_smile:

Oops mah bad :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Ben, is it possible to pop the caps out? I want to see if I might be able to tune it.

they do pop out, but they fit real tight.

Oh. Just like the One haha. I’m going to try it now. Thanks!

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I’m still waiting for mine (so excited) :slight_smile:

Just arrived awesome