YoYo Factory's East Coast Tour and Pack #2 YoYo

This is my first review! Woo Hoo!

I had the opportunity to go to Tampa to the East Coast Tour with Tony Hawk and meet up with some of the people from YoYo Factory and tried out this yet to be named yoyo.

The first thing I noticed was that yes, this is a $10.00 yoyo and YYF nor anyone else is trying to fool you. It is a cheap beginner yoyo. However, it is actually a pretty solid cheap beginner yoyo. My wife picked it up and was surprised that it felt as sturdy as it did.

It comes in Black, Red, White, Green, and possibly other colors but those are all I could see at the skate park. It also comes with a thin responsive bearing. Ann mentioned that the bearing tends to wear out after a while and the yoyo becomes unresponsive. Not sure how long that would be but I guess that could be a plus or a deterrence depending on your style and desires.

The throw seemed to have a slight wobble with it, but certainly nothing major and it fit comfortably in the my front jean pocket. The part that I wasn’t incredibly happy with was the sleep time. This could be my inexperience talking with cheaper yo-yos as most of mine are metal or the dark magic and protostar, but a 20 second sleep time on the responsive bearing doesn’t seem to give you a whole lot of options to do a whole lot besides one or two basic tricks a throw.

I did like that I could switch out bearings on it. I switched to a konkave bearing I believe and sleep time almost doubled. I was getting a good 35 to 40 seconds then. Not enough to be doing contests with! But certainly enough to keep with you and throw for some fun practice. I have kept it in my pocket the last two days to throw around and don’t really care if it hits the ground on concrete or bangs against the wall. It is a $10.00 yoyo and that is what it is made for.

Overall if you change out the bearing and know this is just a fun throw around yoyo then I really think you are going to be happy with this purchase. If not, your out a number five on your local drive through. Not something to be that worried about! Enjoy!