YYF One Review

I opened my mailbox…and in the mailbox was a box…in the box…was…my !

I went inside and opened the package as soon as possible.

I put aside the other stuff , so I could focus on the glory of my One.

The YYF One I got came with an unresponsive bearing , and a string.

Size Comparison :

Next to a Yomega Maverick , The One is much wider , and bigger.On it’s side , The One is taller.

First Thoughts :

A nice red paint job , with a One logo cap , and a Yoyofactory logo cap.I unscrewed the yo-yo , and inside was a responsive bearing , a medium sized axle , and nice white friction stickers.It was lighter than I had expected , but that was ok.

First Throw With Responsive Bearing :

I put on the string , and threw down the yo-yo.Very , very , responsive! I tried a Gyroscopic Flop with it , and it shot back at my hand really fast.The sleep time was fairly good , about 30 seconds (for me).

P.S. The One is a little noisy even with both bearings!

First Throw With UNresponsive Bearing :

I switched out the bearings.WOW , what a change! I could do so many tricks with it! The sleep time went up to 1:26. So I tried a Gyro Flop again , and it works great. The only complaint I have about it is that when you bind , sometimes if you don’t pinch the loop tight enough , it doesn’t come back.Other than that it is an excellent yo-yo!

So overall , here are my performance ratings :

String Tricks : 9/10
Freehand : 8/10
Sleep Time : 8/10
Overall Performance Rating : 8/10

I hoped this review helped :slight_smile:

wow! great review!
i liked how you told me every thing i wanted to ask! good job!
i think i should get one! lol