Extra Butter - Shutter EVO

Just watched the video and this tool is version 2.0. Specifically designed for EVO! Nice! Much better.


Anyone know the drop time? Trynna be on time for that

Heads up, they’re out now if anyone wants to cop. Grabbed a gray/rainbow rim. Super stoked cause I’ve been looking forward to this boi for a long time. Gonna be an expensive day tho with the Motif drop being a little later as well :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


I also copped one myself !!! I went for the og aqua with silver rims, I’m hyped !!! I never played with the original butter so I’m very excited to finally try a bi-metal shutter !!! Especially the shutter EVO !!!


I just realized something pretty nuts… I’m probably the only one who finds it interesting, but when I was updating my yoyo spreadsheet and looking at the purchase dates, I had a realization:

I purchased a good ol’ regular Shutter to get back into yoyoing after a 6ish year hiatus on September 15, 2020. Today, literally exactly two years (and a day) after that purchase, I purchased the newest Shutter, the EVO. Pretty fascinating IMO.

Also of interest is the fact that the bimetal Shutter was the first bimetal yoyo I’ve ever owned. Got it as an anniversary present from my girlfriend, so it has sentimental value, as well it being one of my favorite bimetals period.

All that to say, I’ve come to realize that the Shutter/Shutter line is somehow unintentionally, but very welcomely woven all throughout the second half of my yoyoing journey. The Shutter line is undeniably one of the most successful line of modern yoyos ever made, and are total classics IMO. Proud to have them in my collection and can’t wait to see how this EVO stacks up, I’m sure it’s a banger.


Subconsciously it is your go to line! All the fan fair with all this other stuff and shutter keeps calling. :slight_smile:

I started late in life and literally jumped from the Sage yo-yo to Butter (red/silver). My first metal yo-yo was a bi-metal. 60+ throws later and I can confidently say it’s still my favorite. I have 4 of them all with slightly different setups. I have 10 or so shutters. The Wangle is probably my second fav, maybe JDS. I play the wide angle more for sure as it’s my beater.

I am without hesitation a Shutter fanboy! Haha.

I took the EVO name literally and stepped out of my comfort zone for colorway. I copped a black/gold. I don’t do gold!! Let’s see, maybe I’ll pair it with a nice thick braided gold chain. The evolution is ON.


Will they make a monometal version? Like the R type to the IQ? That might be cool too.
160$ for a yyf bimetal is pricey


Didn’t even think of a potential mono metal Evo in the future.


REvo wouldn’t be a bad idea. REvolution.


I think it’s more since they had to machine a delrin ring-setter-backer thingy. If it was just the yoyo it probably would have been 120-140. Would have been nice to see them sold separately, but anyone who wanted one would have been miffed lol.


" The tool can also be used on other yo-yos and will be sold separately in the future. "

That’s from the yyf site… but I’m not sure if the shutter will be sold solo at a discount from that statment


Got my Shutter EVO today! First impressions:


Got mine today. Going to be uploading a unboxing and first play video soon!


My shutter EVO should be here Tomorrow !!! I absolutely cannot wait :star_struck: I’m looking forward to your video @PendingThrows24 :grin:


Does the white rim jig work on the Shutter Evo only?

Curious if it works on the IQ as well.

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@yyfben2 please note the Q above… thanks.

Yes it will work on a few different bimetals in different configurations, Ben goes over this on the livestream attached I think it starts on the tool around 30 minute mark, tool will also be sold separate eventually


OMG. Keeping this “review” short.

My Shutter EVO just arrived yesterday !!! This yoyo is INSANE its power and stability are off the charts !!! It plays pretty light and floaty and has that signature shutter feel to it even though it’s a powerful bi-metal yoyo. it’s also a horizontal BEAST it stays on its x-axis like crazy !!! The Shutter EVO is a fantastic yoyo and it’s probably become one of my favorite bi-metals to date. @Gentry_Stein really outdid himself on this incredible yoyo !!!


First look is here!