Contacting duncan

It’s like they have zero QC. How do you even miss that?


Wow. This is terrible. So so terrible. Kinda sad to Duncan in this situation.


Thats what I’m saying. Some people angry or whatever, but me its just sad to see so many people upset with duncan. Especially with how sentimental it is for me. But you can’t really blame them either. To wait a month then to get a throw with such a huge gash :pensive:


It is really sad. As it says on their butterflies, they are the original, the number one. It is disappointing to see this happen to company who is a cornerstone of this already minuscule hobby.


I haven’t received my yoyo or even had a response. On their website my order is listed as approved but not yet shipped. They charged my CC $1 a month ago.

I would like to have the yoyo but if I never get it: oh well!

I just hate to see this happen to Duncan. I have played their yoyos for 60+ years.

Sad. :frowning:


Oh yeah I def understand why you all are upset. Just can’t believe it. Duncan, MY Duncan did this!!? And over month now!, I just shake my head whenever I see this post at the top of the forums again. Sorry guys, wish things turned out differently for those in this mess.



Hahhahahha oh my god :joy:


Seems a lot of us are in the same boat. I reached out and received an email from Kristen.

Hello Chris,

I am sorry to say that your order is still showing in the que to be printed and pulled. Our shipping team is very understaffed right at this time and it has hurt our yoyo day shipments.

I will make sure to send an email with their manager to get yours moving so you can get the product asap. I will also change the shipping over to overnight services on our dime so you get your shipment in the fastest possible way.

Thank You,

So… this is where it’s at. Looks like I may never get my order.


I guess they don’t have temp agencies wherever they are?


The QC is fine, I heard the issues are happening when things are handed off to the packaging department…

P.S. no hate for Duncan, I’ve loved everything I’ve ever thrown from them. This just seems like a bad situation they’re trying to recover from


100% agree Duncan makes an excellent product. I think that’s why many of us are frustrated. In the future I think more transparency is needed. At the end of the day it really doesn’t matter what happened at Duncan. Most people understand things happen, but as a company you need to communicate with customers.


See FH AL1 and “Yushicuda” above. I also had a previous yoyo day order that had issues.

I have a lot of love for Duncan and love all the solid FH revivals. I just saw an opportunity and had to take it

:heart: Duncan :heart:


From my experience it’s better to contact the customer with a potential issue then to wait for the customer to ask the questions.


I got this email a few days ago and still nothing.

I show that these have moved into the pick ticket area. Hoping these ship out by tomorrow.

Thank You,

Kristen Fenshaw
Flambeau, Inc.
Customer Service Specialist

The damaged throws aren’t encouraging.

They even annodized over it! That’s a major tooling mark.


I guess the moral of the story is to buy yoyos from a reputable store such as YoYoExpert. :+1: :wink:


It’s ridiculous that you can’t buy straight from the source without these issues.

Their website has colorways on cheap yoyos id like to own.

Flambeau has always treated Duncan like a second class citizen. Which is the saddest part of this. Bryan nor Kristen is the issue here. It’s Flambeau. Steve Brown was screaming this fact 20 years ago.


Wow that is some artisan mark


Didn’t Augie mention something similar after he started working there?


It wouldn’t surprise me. I’ve worked for companies that ordered duncan as product to sell and there was always problems with billing and receiving product.

Kristen has been with flambeau for years and is a gem honestly and is normally willing to help. And I know just from working Customer Service for over 15 years myself, you usually don’t have much say in what happens over your head. And I mean everything is normally over your head.

I guess patience pays off. I’ve still yet to be charged for my order. And haven’t recieved all my order. But I’m not going to bother them again. It’s pretty clear they are going through bigger problems than us gripping on the internet.