Contacting duncan

The problems Duncan is having including a “vacation” sign in their online window and having problems with shipping, ordering and deliveries do not bode well.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t remain a viable business.


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Oh with all due respect I disagree. They’ve been around 90 years for a reason and the products are top notch. Just the parent company is the issue.

We the community have supported duncan through alot of decisions that we didn’t like. This is just one of those that we will laugh about next year during the next holiday sell

Am I gonna order? Yeah. Haha


I hope you are right but I have my doubts.

As with others, I will not patronize their website. Too many better alternatives.

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I hope you’re right, but they wouldn’t be the first company that’s been in business for a long time, to go under. If the parent company doesn’t support them, it will be an uphill battle. It may be that their direct online sales doesn’t amount to enough for the parent company to care about.


As noted above, if you want a Duncan product order it from a reputable store. At least you have some recourse.


Even Abe does not hold a yUshicuda, so you are lucky. To prevent your luck, Duncan made a bad ring.
BTW, I checked three times and finally found what happened. :rofl:


That is not a defect…

That is a reject…

Now, somebody would see that and say, ‘What’s wrong with Quality control, they blind’?

Which would be totally impossible. Because a blind person could feel that crater of a gouge.

I spent years, teaching people how to paint cars. The very first thing I would say as I entered a lecture room was, ‘Anything short of doing something right is doing it wrong’.

From start to finish, there are many steps to get to the completion of painting a car or making a yo-yo. In either endeavor, you can’t settle for getting the process ‘mostly right’.

Obviously I have little knowledge of how Duncan does their Quality Control phase of a run.

But that sure is a crappy example of paying attention to details.

They should send you another one and not even have you send that one back. They should just let you keep it as a beater… It appears to already have a good start.

If they want it back, they should send you an RMA with pre-labeled postage. I wouldn’t pay beans to send that back.


I see the huge gash near the catch zone, but what is going on with the bearing seat?

That’s definitely Cherenkov radiation!

(It’s probably a reflection of the string/pads off of the silver body of the yoyo)


Got my order today. Both look okay without defects! Yay.

When I started throwing I remember reading about Duncan suing anyone who used the word ‘yoyo’ and that’s why CLYW was called a ‘return top’. I never supported that type of litigation but didn’t know any more than that.

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I don’t think CLYW (and any other Canadian company) using Return Top is because of Duncan. A different company in Canada has the word ‘yoyo’ trademarked.

Same idea though, Duncan did similar things in the past when they had yoyo trademarked at one point in the USA.


The trademark is owned by a Canadian toy company.


legend has it at certain stages of their history however they have had the opportunity to invalidate that claim… and chose not to do so.

but who am I to pass on hearsay :wink:


Duncan has gone after other companies for posting anything about 5a at all basically. It did a lot of damage to 5a’s popularity in America I think.


Finally got an email with a FedEx tracking!


That is awesome - slow, but at least you will get what you ordered! I got mine a couple weeks ago finally.


Everyone makes mistakes. I’m sure they will make it right. Duncan makes fantastic yoyos! I absolutely love my grasshopper gtx


Wasn’t expecting that to show up today… Considering I was told they’d charge my account when the package shipped, but my package arrived over 3 weeks ago. Tbh I had kind of just figured “Well I guess they’re not charging me for it, good enough I’ll just let it be.” But now that I’ve been charged the full amount, I’m definitely interested to see about this:

Seeing as the yoyo day sale was 7 weeks ago, I’m just glad I had enough money in my account so it wouldn’t get an overdraft. I’d recommend anyone who paid with a debit account to make sure you’ve got some money in there to cover it.


You said full amount? You did get the sale price, correct?


Yeah sorry that’s what I meant, the full amount that I was supposed to be charged back on 6/6. Which was roughly 40-50% off thanks to the Yoyo Day sale.