What happened to Duncan

I’m just wondering what happened to the oldest brand in the business. Their website’s been down since June 14th, and they haven’t uploaded on their Youtube in over a year! What is going on?


See this thread:


tl;dr - they are still around and making new yoyos, but buying direct from them atm is a crapshoot.


That’s a great question! I bought one during the yoyo day sale and I finally got it, but it took like six weeks. If I were to guess, maybe Flambeau just doesn’t care about the Duncan brand.


The yoyo I ordered from the Duncan site on Yoyo Day finally came a few days short of 4 months. I bought the Haymaker X. It is very nice and high quality. From now on, I will buy anything made by Duncan from a third party site like Yoyo Expert. I have always received excellent customer service here!


The fact that my purchase was 50% off eased the annoyance some. We were told that there would be some other compensation, but that has not happened.


@bjardin the Duncan brand manager is relatively active on their FB pages. Lots of Freehand news in the works.


Can you summarize the FB news here?

I refuse to visit Facebook.

Thank you.

It’s quite the opposite. We took down the website because we want to fix the issue, not because we don’t care… YYD was such an eye opener that Flambeau needs to fix something.

  1. We are in the middle of software change. A lot of hiccups and transitions, and our website doesn’t have the proper integration to our cart solution.
  2. We are moving facilities. We want to have better fulfillment capabilities, competitive rates, shipping accuracies and etc…

We will. At least couple of weeks before we resume the Duncan webstore.

If we give the compensation now, we will open another can full of worms. :bug:


I’ll be honest. I think it’s always better to support online stores vs brand stores. Not just for Yo-Yos. :blush:


Yeah, I can see that. Thanks for keeping us posted.

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@bjardin thanks for the clarification! I hope there’s a smooth transition to the new website :+1:

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Thank you for the update. As I mentioned in a couple of places, I received my yoyo at the agreed price and it is an exceptionally nice yoyo.

I am looking forward to your new site.

It just seems to be taking a long time after over four months.

Thank you

Yeah buying direct was a disaster.
I learned that lesson