Contacting duncan

I’m hoping for a tackle box discount personally


Surprise! You owe us 100 dollars! Simply absurd how this is all turning out… still no luck with receiving my order either :confused: im 10 or so emails deep and have only been told I need to switch colors and they will look into trying to ship soon. Glad you made this post. From a lot of comments it was looking like we weren’t getting charged, but now ill know to expect the payment to go through sometime between now and Christmas.


Yeah I looked back, and my package was delivered 7/3, so the charge came 20 days after receiving my order. Wild. Hope yours gets taken care of soon, sucks that there are still people who haven’t received their orders yet.


Wow. Edit: Mis-read.

Glad I got mine and I deducted the charges almost 50 days ago. Learned that lesson decades ago after some over seas charges. 8 months after I had traveled I noticed at least $800 extra in my account. Figured, what the heck, I messed up, I got some extra $$$. Spent it. Turned out the overseas charges had yet to post. Lesson learned! The hard way. My way.


Terrible fact- in 2020 Chase made 1.2 billion dollars off overdraft fees


That… is easily the most disgusting thing I’ve seen today. And my dog had a really bad poo earlier, it was not nice.


2020- when most people were unable to work. It is disgusting. And this is just chase, 1 major bank. Itsone of the reasons why I switched to credit union… but this is neither here or there

Anyway…:cough cough: Duncan…


Keep ya heads up fellas!!! This is gonna be right soon. I can feel it.:crossed_fingers:


I just got charged today! :wink: You know, if this was full price, not a sale, I might be more peeved, but at half price, I can let it go. And besides, I’m loving my new Grasshopper GTX! I think its one of my top favorites!



Remember when the machine used to just decline your card?
Over drafts are the majority of profits for many smaller banks.

Major banks own almost all the check cashing predatory places too.

Remember when those high interest rates were illegal?

Called the ‘loan shark’ law and you couldn’t legally charge over 15%. Now some are as high as 500% if you miss a payment. Many start out at 50% or more!

Oh yeah, 8 or 10 people own more wealth than over 4 billion.



This is not class warfare, this is generational warfare. This administration and old wealthy people have declared war on young people. That is the real war that is going on here. And that is the war we’ve got to talk about.
-James Carville

A basic principle of modern state capitalism is that costs and risks are socialized to the extent possible, while profit is privatized.
-Noam Chomsky


My yoyo came with rusted engravings. I could see how that might happen, but…


Big fan of Dan Price. He’s a case study that shows that giving workers a living wage dramatically improves their quality of life.


Seems unlikely that the rings are rusting, I think it’s more plausible that something rubbed off in them (some ink from the packaging, adhesive, idk)


Its a clear package
I am looking at it, its 100% rust

But I’m not gonna send it back or make a fuss about it, I’ve already waited so long and everything else is fine

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You could probably just hit it with some steel wool.


Yea its only surface rust

Some metal polish and you are good to go. Use some Renaissance Polish afterward to avoid this from happening again.


It’s funny now listening to what they said on the news about him and his choices.

As someone who read all the science of ‘happy’ employee’s and tried to implement it for decades to no avail, it’s refreshing to see someone do it and succeed. Proves you have to be the CEO in most cases too?
Most believe a pressured and scared employee is the best so you can easily control them. It’s been proven time and again that a secure happy employee is more creative, productive, and loyal. Yet, in US corporate culture they manage in the exact opposite way.

Same with the 4 day work week. When I had friends go to Spain, Italy, and Denmark for the Euro conversion projects after Y2K here, they raved about the work culture. How productive everyone was at work, no wasted time, no wasted days to meetings. Just highly creative productive work while at work and then a lot of other free time, even at lunch, to enjoy just being alive.

Try scrubbing it lightly with a toothbrush dipped in white vinegar. That should easily remove any rust.


Transmission fluid is also good for removing light rust, I prefer Chrysler ATF+4 but likely anything will work. Dampen a cloth or q-tip and scrub gently.

Or just give it some good play time and that rust will disappear! :smiley:



Im going to scream. HOW WAS I CHARGED 3 TIMES THE AMOUNT FOR MY ORDER. not only were they 7 weeks late with 0 communication. I’m charged a week after I receive my order for OVER THE PRICE OF MY TWO ITEMS. I am shaking im so angry. Duncan has botched this beyond repair and I will never be supporting them again. Holy cow. Worst company I have ever dealt with.