Duncan is just awesome!


I’m not sure where to put this topic under but hope this the right section. I had to dealing Duncan customer service recently because I needed their help. All I can say it is their customer service is fantastic!! They were very nice and though I might have been a bit difficult to deal with they provided great service. I’m very grateful to them. Just really want to put it out there.

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Yep… Most yoyo companies HAVE to have good customer service, because if they didn’t, people would come on the forums and complain about it or talk about it using some other method. But for real, word travels really fast around the yoyo community… which could be either very good for some companies or very bad. Compared to some other hobbies, yoyoing has a (relatively) small fanbase, and if something is up, everyone knows. Take that one bearing company for example (I forget the name of it, and I don’t want to guess it in case it’s not the same one and I give them a bad image on accident), this lady who ran it just had the WORST customer service a she was an absolute a-hole towards her customers and even threatened legal action on some of her customers for something she had no legal rights to do or something like that. But, the moral of that story is, her customer service and relations sucked pretty badly, and word got around pretty quick and she had to of lost a lot of sales because of the whole ordeal. Anyway though, I’m glad you have had a good experience with Duncan… it’s how it should be. Pretty much any yoyo company would be happy to help you in any area, most have fantastic customer service.


Not in my experience they still haven’t responded to my email from Wednesday. Super mad to open my Duncan holster and it’s broken out the box. Gonna call them on Monday and give them a piece of my mind


Frankly, it pays to be congenial. You’ll get more consideration from them in the long run. I had an issue w/a car 5 years ago that took literally 6 months to get resolved. I was persistent but congenial through out. To this day I still get red carpet service from that dealer and the staff still compliments me on how I dealt with it.


Well I’m mainly disappointed because yoyoexpert said they would reply almost as quickly as themselves


^ Did you try something besides the email address? Their site indicated this toll free number is good from the U.S.A. and Canada 1-800-344-5716. Email can get lost in the shuffle, so if you don’t get an email response within a few days, send another one, or try another method of communication.


Most, not all…which is sad
I’ve only experienced two companies customer services. Once with YYF for a Frantic with an axle problem, they just told me to get a newer model. Once with YYJ for a PhenomIzm that was so vibey it could barely be played, I had to deal directly with Mickey in the end. Actually, stores customer service are usually way more reliable IMO.

Glad for the OP though :slight_smile:


Big companies don’t “have” to have good customer service… our little community is a super tiny little fraction of their business… the VAST majority are new players, random parents, etc. that pick up one yo-yo from a big box retailer and never visit any of the yo-yo sites online.

In my experience, from one person to the next experiences vary quite a bit. Some are happy with Duncan, YoYoJam, etc… others aren’t. I will say that the most consistent complaint I hear is about YYF, but again others have had great experiences.

A LOT of it has to do with how you approach them… companies make mistakes, defective products happen… as long as you go in understanding that and treating them like rational people, they’re usually pretty willing to help you. If you go in throwing a fit, they’re more likely to do the bare minimum just to get you to shut up… this goes for any company/store/etc in any industry really.

Stores often have better customer service because they actually rely on us for business… they’re also quite a lot smaller and get a whole lot less things thrown at them to deal with.



YoyoFactory has great customer service. I bought over 70 of their throws new, and had one minor issue that I ended up able to resolve on my own. I sent a PM on 6/16/13 at 11:22AM, and I received a response on 6/16/13 at 12:44PM. I still have a copy of the PMs in my inbox. I can only speak for my experience with their products and customer service, and I have nothing but great things to say.

Actually, with all the yo-yos I’ve purchased, I’ve never had a horrible experience with any yo-yo company. One or two could have been a bit better, but no big deal.

From what I’ve seen, you have a lot of kids writing to manufacturers:

  1. Looking for replacement parts for something they can’t prove they bought new retail in the first place.

  2. Looking to resolve a problem that they created.

  3. Looking to resolve a problem that occurred due to normal wear and tear, and either preventable with regular maintenance, or easily corrected by buying a replacement part. If you wear something out, you buy a replacement part, you don’t contact the manufacturer.

  4. Generally just asking for free stuff.

  5. Asking for an exchange, when they have a remedy with the retailer they purchased from.

And, the list goes on. Doing any of the above is not a huge deal, but it’s mean when people lash out on a public forum when they don’t get the response they wanted. For example, when a manufacturer writes back and says:

“Hi, please contact the retailer with your order number, and they will help facilitate an exchange. Thanks.”

^ Not rude at all. But to some people, that’s bad customer service, because they didn’t offer up a bunch of free stuff. :smiley:

Bad customer service translation of the above would be:

“Hey stupid, don’t buy my stuff off the BST and then contact me to bear the expense of getting it back up to snuff. If you bought it new, you could contact the retailer, instead of bothering me. Get lost.” Now, that’s bad customer service. See the difference?



My opinion - People who are unhappy w/customer service have made unreasonable demands. (/My Opinion)


‘generally’ true… but not always the case. I know stores/manufacturers get a lot of insane requests/expectations (I’ve been on the receiving end of both of those), especially from younger kids… but even then there is a right and wrong way to deal with that. I also know of many cases where it was just flat out bad service.