General-Yo: Service like no other

(Halbach) #1

Guys, some of you may have read that I recently stripped my Entheos due to a slight over tightening. I contacted Ernie asking if he could retap the yoyo. He said he couldn’t, but he would send me a b-grade half to replace the broken half.

Guys, it doesn’t get better than this. Never, ever hesitate to buy General-Yo products. Ernie’s customer care is beyond top notch, and I am in great debt to him.


Yeah that seems to always be true with the smaller homebrew type companies. They actually respond to your emails and help you when you have an issue. Some of the bigger companies don’t even answer emails… That’s great to hear though!


Plus if you guys didn’t hear e donated some to troops in Afghanistan.


I’ve gotten some excellent customer service from Duncan. After owning a Triple Crown Raptor for several months, somehow one of my halves stripped out on me. I was told to send it in and they’ll take care of me. Wanting to try out the Echo, I asked them if it would be possible to swap it out for the Echo instead which they had no problem doing due to the inconvenience I experienced. So, about a week goes by and a small box package comes in the mail…much larger to be just a single yoyo. So I open it and find DVDs and stickers sitting on top, with 2 small white ‘Duncan’ boxes underneath. What could they have possibly done? Well, one was the Echo. The other? A shiny new red Triple Crown Raptor! All bundled with a copy of 80 years (I already have a copy of this but doesn’t hurt to have 2 copies), plus Yoyo Ninja and A New Level. That day, I was amazed much like the little kids on the viral N64 video.


Yeah i’ve heard that Duncan in particular has very good customer service. They’ve been around so long for a reason.


I’ve yet to read many stories about yoyo companies(except Yomega and Chaos). Maybe it’s just me but I feel a solid sense of caring even from bigger companies and especially from smaller companies. I like the way they haven’t been absorbed by dollar hungry CEOs like most other companies in general


Wallpaper on my work computer:

(* from the general yo site. that’s a soldier in Afghanistan with an Essence)