Above and beyond "Yoyo"

I am creating this thread so we can have a place to put the best customer service (not worst). To give credit where credit is due. I personally measure a company not by how few mistakes they make but the redemption of a challenge.

I work and have worked in aa retail customer service environment for seven years and have seen it all. With no further ado…

Andre (and the rest of the folks in Amherst) for everything you do. Far too much to list.

Caribou Chris (and the lodge). When I first was looking for an Avalanche he said “if I had one I would offer it from my personal collection.” When my wife and kids were looking for fathers day.
My last ordered was to be bundled with a friends (man international shipping ain’t cheap) and things got out of whack offered me more than had thought was fair (I told him to do what he felt right) as I am more than satisfied with the service/product. So CLYW shirt for my son.
Ernest “Ernie” Kaiser (and the folks at Generalyo), on the way a model 10 and I believe a patch. That will no doubt get a nice spot on the leather jacket I have had since Highschool.
Nick Gumlaw (and Spin Dynamics). Putting the first high end throw in my sons hands and pushing forward the best addiction that could have happened to any family.

At the end of the day most every manufacturer and sponsor does these things out of the love of throwing. Nobody is driving sports cars and playing golf with CEOs. These wonderful people in this community are what makes it all worth it.

Please add but do not subtract.

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Posted on my son’s account.


YYE’s customer service is better than any other online store I’ve ever purchased from.

The most recent dealing I had on that front was a vibey SLCK YWET. I wrote an email, got a response almost immediately telling me to send it back, no questions asked. I did, and then Andre proceeded to personally test, if not every other SLCK they had, at least some of them and decided which one was the best and returned that one to me. I didn’t even ask for that, he just did it.

I mean…what else can you ask for? A yoyo pro picking out your throws for no charge at all, and eating the cost of shipping all for a problem that YYE was not ultimately responsible for to begin with. They’d be just as well in their rights to tell me to take it up with Anti-Yo…but this is not YYE’s way.

Indeed. I had a vibey sasquatch, sent me a new bearing and axle, fixed the problem. Had a cracked northstar- sent new one with package to ship old one back in. Cracked northstar from overtightening, same thing. Just amazing. Amazon is a huge company, and they do not compare. One time (Sorry it was the only time i promise) I ordered from another store and the northstar was cracked. Shipped back, they kept it 5 days, then sent me a new one. YYE trusts me(us) and sends the yoyo before I send back, to make it more convenient to me(All of us)

YYE has some awesome customer service. :slight_smile: Sent them an email earlier today and got a reply in 15 minutes! Also let me switch out my t-shirt past the return date.

ILYY has some incredible service as well if you need to know anything about their throws etc.

YYE has the best ever! They should have something on there home page showing what we think! Like this

Our customer service it determined by our costumers.

Iyoyo: YYE rocks 100%!
Studio42: YYE is the most communicative and friendly yoyo store ever!
Bob: I love YYE :).

It is perfect that this thread has been recently active because today I had reason to contact Chris at Caribou Lodge with a query. The customer support I received was just exemplary. Above and beyond for sure. The email I sent was responded to almost immediately in an incredibly polite manner, with Chris offering to help make amends for a problem that really was not of his doing. In a day and age where I am consistently disappointed with commercial customer service, both in the workplace and in personal scenarios, this made me exceptionally happy. It was the sort of experience, coupled with their excellent throws, that will make me purchase CLYW again and again.